Deposit match-up bonuses or sometimes also known as welcome bonuses are schemes devised by online casino operators to compete with fellow industry operators for customers. It is pretty rare these days to see an online casino without such welcome bonuses. However, it is pretty uncommon to see a 400% deposit match up bonus.

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What this means is that, for every dollar that a player deposit in his or her online account, the online operator will be topping up an additional 4 dollars into that same account. Also, that player will be able to use these additional funds to play any games yet keep these winnings to themselves. In a way, this is a form of leveraging with the only exception that players are not required to payback these bonuses should they lose it while playing. 

In this exclusive article today, I will be exploring the bonuses offered by online casinos, in particular the welcome bonus or deposit-match bonus. I will also be evaluating one of the less frequent percentage offered by online operators, 400%. This is a pretty generous figure and requires quite a substantial financial support in order to pull this off. Read on to find out more about such bonuses. 



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In today’s era and technological age where online casinos constantly emerges from nowhere, it is increasingly difficult for online casinos to stay competitive. It is impossible or extremely difficult to monopolise the entire online casino industry and therefore, one is bound to have competitors. The only way to attract customers and to retain them is through the form of free gifts or bonuses. As human beings, we are naturally drawn to things that are free and therefore such bonuses are usually painted in that manner to attract our attention and best if we commit to it through the depositing of our funds with the casinos. There are various forms of casino bonuses such as the welcome bonus, VIP bonuses, loyalty programs and many others. Specifically for today, I will be talking about the 400% match-up bonus which is a pretty generous percentage. So, if you are interested in finding out more, then this article is written for you! 


Before I go into the details of what a 400% deposit match bonus is, I must say that such a percentage is pretty rare. The usual percentage that I have seen thus far hovers around 200% to 300%. Therefore, one should always be wary when it comes to such high percentages. Now having said that, let me go into more details as to what a 400% deposit match is. In a nutshell, it simply means that for every dollar that a player deposits into his or her online casino account, the operator will deposit an additional 4 dollars into that same account.

That player will be able to use the total amount of money in that account including that given by the online casino operator, and bet on games as if all of the money belongs to the player. One may see it as a form of leverage whereby every dollar that you are putting in has a 4x buying power. One can also see it as a form of receiving free money from the online casino operator. However, I would caution against thinking along the lines of the latter. 

The reason is because, while players are able to use all of the funds in the online account, they are not able to withdraw anything from it until they meet the wagering requirements. This means that, assuming that the player wins the jackpot on his or her first bet, he or she will not be able to withdraw these winnings as the wagering requirements are not met yet. Wagering requirements are the minimum number of bets that one has to place before they are allowed to cash out all of its winnings from their online casino account. 


There are to main criteria when it comes to selecting a non UK casino based purely on the percentage of deposit bonus that it offers. The first criteria is based on your assessment of your ability in fulfilling all of the wagering requirements as stipulated by the online casino. The second criteria is based on your assessment on the credibility and reputation of the online casino.

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Now let me elaborate on these two points. Assuming that after your personal assessment and you find that it is totally possible for you to fulfil the wagering requirement of 40x (usually this is the figure for a 400% deposit bonus), then I would say go for it. There is no reason for you to settle for a lower percentage. However, if on the other hand, you are unable to, then of course, you should then look for another online casino. 

Now, let me go into my next point on the credibility and reputation of the online casino. There are multiple reviews online that have carried out assessment on the credibility and their ability to pay of online casinos. The worse thing that can happen is making a killing on the games and realising that the casino is unable to deliver on payments. Therefore, there is no point committing to an online casino, regardless of the percentage of online deposit bonus, and fulfilling all the wagering requirements if ultimately, the operator is unable to issue payments. These two criteria are extremely important for players who evaluate casinos purely based on their offering of bonuses. 


The straight answer is no. Not many online casinos offer a 400% bonus because financially, the casino is effectively giving players additional buying power. Yet, they cannot set the wagering requirements extremely high to the point that players can never fulfil it. This way, players will definitely want out of this particular online casino. Therefore, for online casinos not blocked by gamestop that offer such a generous bonus, they are usually reputable casinos with a huge financial backing and are looking to generate profits in the long term. These online operators are fine with making a loss in the near term as they are looking at increasing their customer base. However, there are always bogus online operators out there that are looking to scam players of their hard earned money and the usual way of doing so is to entice new players with such generous bonuses. Therefore, it is always important to do up some research on a particular online casino before committing to it. 


After everything that I have stated above, if you are still confused or bothered by whatever has been mentioned then fret not, because I will be going into the pros and cons of a 400% match-up bonus in the next few segments. It is important to always list out the pros and cons of something before committing to it. Similarly, when selecting an online casino to play on, players should always weigh the pros and cons of a few online casinos, deliberate over their options before committing to one. The last thing you want is to lose your hard earned cash to some dubious site. 

The pros of a 400% Deposit Match

In the next two sections, let me summarise the various pros and cons that I have listed in this entire article. This will allow players to deliberate on whether such bonuses are something that they should be looking at as a requirement when selecting an online casino. 

– Gives players a total 5x betting power which can be pretty advantageous if players know how to capitalise on it.

– Probably reputable and credible online casino operators since such a generous offer requires a huge financial backer. Otherwise, the online casino may go bankrupt should every player cash out simultaneously. 

– Offers players a sufficient buffer or margin of safety. This way, players will not be that afraid of losing their initial funds that quickly. 

The Cons of a 400% Deposit Match

Now that I am done listing down the various positive attributes of a 400% match bonus, let me move on to some of the negative attributes of a 400% match-up bonus. Such downsides may not necessarily be limited to that of 400% match bonus.  

A 400% match up bonuses usually has ridiculously difficult terms and conditions to fulfil and players might end up losing everything even before they meet these wagering requirements. 

– Online casinos without a substantial financial backer may not be able to pay these bonuses out should players start to cash out their winnings simultaneously.  

– Similarly to the other deposit match-up bonuses, players could end up having their funds locked in the online casino if they are unable to fulfil the wagering requirements or should they go bankrupt even before the wagering requirements have been met. 

– Risk to reward ratio can tilt to the advantage of the operator if the terms and conditions are too high. Therefore, it is important for players to always do their due diligence and check the terms and conditions. 


In conclusion, match-up bonuses can be a huge advantage for players who are able to capitalise it properly. Otherwise, I personally do not think that there is any added value towards players. When it comes to selecting an online casino, there is more to just deposit bonuses that one should be going after. Ultimately, it is the games selection, the betting odds, and the reputation of that online casino. Many a times, I have seen players selecting online casinos based purely on the percentage of bonuses offered. Usually, the outcomes for such players do not end well. Nevertheless, these are just my personal thoughts.


1) Is it possible to collect a 400% First Deposit bonus at all casinos?

Not all online casinos have the financial capital to issue a 400% bonus. Personally, I think that a 400% bonus is a pretty generous offering. As such, that online casino must have a huge backing financially. Therefore, the answer is no, it is impossible to collect a 400% bonus from all online casinos. A more accurate statement would be that, one can expect to definitely receive some sort of match-up bonus from all online casinos. 

2) What wagering requirements do 400% deposit bonuses have?

Wagering requirements is something that has been debated from time to time on the fairness of it. There is no perfect ideal wagering requirement and whether or not one can fulfil it depends largely on the player and his or her luck. For a conservative player who loses continuously because of the lack of skill or luck, even a low wagering requirement will not be able to help or her. Based on experience, for a 400% deposit, the wagering requirement is usually 40x. 

3) Does a 400% welcome bonus offer free spins?

Free spins are something that recent casinos have been issuing. This is in line with the increasing interest rendered towards the slot machines. Casinos are free to offer free spins in place of cash credit or a mixture of both. This is totally up to the discretion of the online casino. However, whether free spins are offered or not should be stated upfront on the casino’s homepage. Otherwise, you can assume that you will only be receiving credits. 

4) Is a bonus code necessary?

This depends on the online casino operator. It is totally the casino’s prerogative to issue a bonus for whatever reasons they may have, whether it is to deal with robots or bogus players, one has to clarify directly with the casino on whether a bonus code is necessary. If it is not stated on the site, usually it is automatically credited to your account upon your first deposit. But of course, no harm checking with the casino directly right? 

5) Can I claim the bonus on mobile?

Yes you can. The bonuses are automatically credited into your account for most online casino operators. Therefore, as long as that particular casino that you have signed up with allows you to register via your mobile phone and permits mobile transactions of funds, you should be able to claim your bonuses via your mobile devices. Of course, for better clarification, do check directly with the specific online casino operator. 

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