Advertising Restrictions to hit UK Operators

Online gambling platforms have seen a lot of change in the way betting and casino sites can be represented over the past few years as sports teams and large events have increasingly accepted sponsorships from these types of companies – it’s more common to see betting companies representing football teams in the UK for example than not and for most it has been heralded as a very positive change over time, but as of October 1st 2022 there have been major changes announced to the way gambling companies can advertised – approved and endorsed by GambleAware.

The new limits will wave goodbye to influencers, prominent sports people, and other celebrities from appearing in different forms of advertising media with new restrictions aimed at safeguarding minors from the industry – whilst television is the big target here, it will also mean social media, radio, and other advertising platforms will likely be off limits too – this comes a few months after there had been initial talks about how many celebrity figures were now appearing in gambling endorsements and what the best way would be to tackle this to reduce exposure to players potentially at risk or younger players who may be more influenced by these appearances.

Gambling companies were previously prohibited from “special appeal” advertising that appealed to children and youngsters but this has been changed to “strong appeal” which covers visuals, concepts, characters, and other factors used in marketing activity – celebrities included for now are top-tier footballers, particularly those with an appeal to under-18s, well known sports people, stars from reality television and other influencers, as well as a bad on using video game content references in advertising that’s appealing to this age group too.

For GambleAware, the statement is that this is absolutely the right step to take and that the company is very pleased to see this proactive measure being put into place to protect the most potentially vulnerable to advertising tactics and strategies used – whilst there has been no word on whether sponsorships could be a future target particularly with how prevalent they’ve become, there are some that expect this could be the next step to face UK and international operators as efforts continue to make the most vulnerable less exposed to gambling ads despite public support and views of online gambling as a whole starting to improve for those who are able to safely, and legally access the growing number of sites and games available.

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