Gambling and casino have been around for decades, and people enjoy it by going to the casino and other gambling places. But now, gambling has mixed with the advancement of technology as people can play casino games and gamble through the use of their devices. Online casino gaming and gambling have become rampant these days, and this has also given countries some big problems. It is because more and more people are getting hooked with it that they indulge with unrestricted betting, uncontrolled gambling, and debts. This kind of addiction is difficult to resolve, especially when casino and gambling games are just easy to access these days. It is a good thing that there are now casino site blockers such as betblocker,  Gamban or Gmastop that people can use to stop them from placing bets and playing online casino games. In these series of posts the casino experts behind thebest-casinos have put together the top software that can help troubled gamblers control thier Gambling habits.   

Special Features/Technology 

Betblocker can help players stay of sites that are not on gamstop as well as International sites and is among the best software that can block the access of online casinos and gambling websites. This software can function in almost all devices restricting its owner from accessing online casino and gambling websites, programs and applications. Its self-exclusion feature allows a person to choose on the timeframe they would want to be excluded from playing in casino and gambling sites. The unique feature that Betblocker has is its parental control. This will allow parents to restrict their kids from accessing gambling websites, which will keep kids safe from gambling habits and dangers.

Betblocker is a software that is aimed towards helping people with gambling problems and who have a hard time staying off sites not blocked by gamstop and issues to find a solution and possibly stop their gambling activities. Keep in mind that this casino blocker software will only work effectively when the user is also determined to get rid of their gambling addiction and activities. It is important that the user practices strict control that even if they are no longer using Betblocker, they still avoid online casinos and gambling.

In its core, BetBlocker is an easy and user-friendly tool. Users can download it through the official site of the product. In its essence, BetBlocker is a simple and user-friendly tool. Users can download it via the official website of the product. Or alternatively, in the Apple App Store and Google Store feature the native mobile apps of BetBlocker.

How does Betblocker Work?

Betblocker is a software that can easily be searched over the net and downloaded. Once you have downloaded the software, it will give you instructions so you can install it on your device. It will work on devices like laptops, personal computers, smartphones, and Android phones.

When the program is installed, the person can choose the timeframe they wanted to have as blockage of access to gambling websites. Once the timeframe is chosen, the service automatically activates. The owner of the device will no longer have access to the casino sites.

The best thing about Betblocker is that it is free. This means you get to solve your gambling addiction and cons without spending a cent since Betblocker was recognized as a charity. No one can cancel the service as long as the license is active. This is because this software would want to help as many gamblers as possible in solving their gambling problems and never go back to betting again.

Pros and Cons


  • Free

There is no charge when you install this software to your device. You get to use it for free.

  • Self-exclusion feature

The user gets to choose the timeframe of no access to casino and gambling sites. They get to choose how long they would want to be blocked from using casino sites.

  • Parental control feature

Parents can have control over what their kids are accessing. Parents can be sure that their kids will be far from gambling activities and be free from the hazards of using casino game sites.

  • Unlimited installations

With Betblocker, you get to install it as many times as you want. There is no limit how long you would want to use it. When your license expires, you can keep installing it as long as you need it.

  • No ads

Unlike other software that has tons of ads popping up, Betblocker does not have any ads that will show up on your screen.


  • Not all casino brands are blocked

There are cases when some casino brands are not detected and not blocked which is the same issue bingo sites not on gamstop are facing. This will then give access to the user and possibly go back to gambling and gaming again.

  • May get unblocked when the app is deleted

If the app is accidentally deleted, there is a possibility that the service stops. This means that you can again access casino and gambling sites and may have to re-install the software again.

BetBlocker with VPN? Think Again.

Timeframe of No Access to Gambling Websites

Gambling self-restriction timeframe may vary. People can choose from 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, months, 5 years up to forever. The user can extend their license as long as they need it. And this is free. As for the parental control, parents can choose the timeframe they would want to exclude their kinds from accessing gambling sites. They can also extend their control if needed.

Betblocker aims to help more uncontrollable gamblers in quitting their gambling habits. It is free and easy to install, making one experience no hassles at all in using the service. They need not pay for anything to stop their gambling activities. With a simple installation procedure, gamblers can finally stop gambling and get rid of the gambling problems that they have obtained from accessing online casino sites.


Q: Can Betblocker be stopped or removed?

A: No. Once you have opted to install it, the service will continue to work. It will only be no longer working when the timeframe you have chosen has elapsed. If you want its service to stop, wait for the expiration of the license or simply uninstall the software on your device.

Q: Can Betlocker block other sites aside from gambling sites?

A: Yes. While it blocks all kinds of casino and gambling sites, you can also include other sites that you would not want to access. If you feel that there are sites that will bring harm to you or your kids, then you can include it in the sites to block.

Q: Do you collect information from the users?

A: No. This is an anonymous service. Therefore, it will not ask for information like name, address, email address or phone number. The only thing to do to get its service is download the software and install it in your device.

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