When online casino and gambling was introduced, it was only meant to give fun and enjoyment to the players. There are no real money bets as it is just considered as an online video game. But when bets and money got involved in it, online casinos and gambling sites have become risky, especially to impulsive gamblers. Casino gaming and gambling have become more accessible since these sites can run even on mobile phones. This means that people can play casino and other games wherever they are at any time they want. This may lead to gambling problems like uncontrolled betting and searching for casinos not registered with gamstop, debts, and addiction to gambling. Quitting gambling habits is like quitting cigarette smoking; it is hard! Without strong willpower, it cannot be done. People are lucky as there are lots of online casino site blockers that they can purchase. These can assist them in controlling themselves from gambling and finally being able to quit from it.

 Special Features

Betfilter is one of the many online casino site blockers that people can purchase that can help them stay off playing games such as bingo not on gamstop. Using these blockers with willpower, quitting from gambling and online betting can be easy.

The smooth transition will make it easy for the gambler to gradually give up gambling and finally quit from it. Betfilter has been around for quite some time and it has been improved and developed to efficiently help online gamblers stay away from accessing online casino and gambling sites. Its multi-platform program will help block all casinos and gambling sites no matter what device you use. It is easy to install and basic to use. Best of all, it offers effective results to impulsive gamblers and betters to stop and not get into casino sites to gamble again.

How does Betfilter Work?

This software will work once it is installed on your device. It can work on personal computers, laptops, and smartphones. This means that no matter what device you use for online gaming and gambling, Betfilter will work to help you stop your gambling habits. Betfilter is a paid product, therefore, you will need to purchase it to avail of its services. It costs $69.95 for a whole year. Betfilter is among the cheapest software license you can afford.

This is so much cheaper as to the amount that you will use to bet on the games. Instead of getting into deep debts, you can just spend $69.95 for a year to help you get rid of your gambling habits and problems. Installing Betfilter means that you will never get access to any online casino and gambling sites no matter how hard you try to uninstall it.

These casino site blockers are not made to give in to the temptations that online UK gamblers have to play at casinos not regulated in the UK. It will keep on blocking casino sites as long as your subscription is active. Even if you request for uninstallation, the license will not stop working. It is because Betfilter is committed to its goal of helping people having gambling problems to quit from the habit. However, after the license expires, the decision remains with the online gambler whether or not to go back to gambling again.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow installation

Betfilter has an easy to follow installation, making the process easy to finish. There are no complicated instructions that will make you want to quit the installation. 

  • Cheap

It has the cheapest price. At $69.95, you will get gambling protection and control for a whole year.

  • Does not allow uninstallation

Once you have it installed in your device, you cannot uninstall it to go back to online gambling. You can only wait for your license to expire before you can get rid of its services.

  • Discrete

There is no loud buzzing or popping sound when blocking the sites. It just automatically blocks access to casinos and gambling sites without being too loud and annoying.

  • Relevant blocking

It will only block casinos, and gambling sites, apps, and programs online, unlike gamstop which blocks casinos but also payment methods.


  • Possible gambling with Gmail services

Some users claim that they can access online gambling when they use Gmail services. Therefore, it does not block everything that will provide gambling and gaming.

  • Slow support team

Some users claim that the customer support of Betfilter is slow and inefficient, making them not helpful to customers.

  • Smartphone glitches

Some users claim that the software does not work well on their iPhones and Android.

How to easily install Betfilter?

How Long can Betfilter Block Casino and Gaming Sites?

Betfilter offers between one year and two years of subscription. One year is for $69.95 while two years is for $118.90. When you have availed of the service, there is no way out until your license expires. This means that you will have no access to casino websites for 12 months or 24 months. There is no way to uninstall the service or stop the license.

The software aims to help people with gambling problems quit gambling in a subtle transition. When the subscription expires, it is your choice whether to purchase it again or quit its services. There are lots of people who have used the software for a year who are satisfied with its service extending their license for another two years.

All the above means is that the services of Betfilter have worked well for them with easy to register casinos and also in preventing them from gambling online again. This casino blocking software will only work with determination and will power. When a person does not totally take full control of their actions, then they cannot fully quit uncontrolled gambling.


Q: Does Betfilter offer a free trial?

A: No. Betfilter no longer offers a free trial.

Q: Does Betfilter have customer service support?

A: Yes. People may send an inquiry, complaints or concerns in the customer service form on their website.

Q: Does Betfilter issue a refund?

A: Since it is not free like gamstop or betblocker, Betfilter does offer a refund but only if their conditions are followed. When requesting for a refund, one needs to notify Betfilter with the customer’s order number ID with the reason for the request of refund. The request should be submitted within 48 hours after purchase. When these conditions are not met, they will not issue a refund.

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