Casino Etiquette; Behaving at An Offline Venue

Whether playing in the highest stakes tables at the biggest Vegas casinos or sitting in a pair of pyjamas and playing from the comfort of home, there are certain behaviours and etiquette to follow expected of players – here we’ll look at what’s expected for players attending the physical tables at a brick-and-mortar casino, and the dos and don’ts for newcomers and experience players alike. Whilst there are similarities between offline and online behaviour, there’s plenty of difference too.

Understanding hand gestures and the rules – Before sitting down at the table to play, it’s good practice to watch a few hands being played and to understand the rules of the game before getting started – not only will it lead to a much better atmosphere for playing, but also avoiding some easy to make mistakes. Hand gestures are a bit one, for most table games there are some specific rules around touching the cards, and instead rely on hand gestures to progress the game, as such it’s important to understand what you can and cannot do ahead of time.

Know the lingo too – Similarly to understanding the hand gestures and the rules, understanding the lingo will make it much easier to progress the game with both the dealer and the other players as additional time won’t be required to go through the ins and outs of playing. There’s plenty of information online the help navigate the world of casino terms but can add some unique qualities to future trips too.

Dress for the occasion, and don’t forget the manners – Some casinos will have a specific dress-code, particularly for players at the high roller’s tables too, but it’s good manners to dress for the occasion too and a semi-formal outfit can have a big impact on the casino experience in person. Similarly, being polite to the dealer and the other players is expected whether big wins or big losses are coming, it’s fine to get frustrated with a big loss or excited with a big win but being too lively can disrupt other players. Popular media can give a romanticized view of the buzzing casino space, but realistically it can be quite different and may need some adjustment.

Don’t forget to tip! ­– It isn’t mandatory to tip, whether this be the wait staff or the dealer, but it is considered good practice to do so – these tips don’t have to be huge, but it is polite when winning a hand or leaving the table just to leave a little tip. Tipping the wait staff ensures they’ll keep coming back without much signaling too, just keep in mind not all tables will let players place their drinks down.

These are just a few of the many etiquette tips for players and stay tuned for some etiquette tips for players looking primarily at online services to follow.

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