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What’s the deal with the credit card ban and Online Casinos in the UK?

What is the reason for the Ban and are there any ways to still gamble online using Credit Cards in the UK? Keep reading to find out.


Online betting casinos, by now, represent a very welcome pastime for millions of people in the United Kingdom. Playing a game, however, must always be done healthily and consciously, conveying sums corresponding to the economic availability of each. For that reason, there will be a radical change for all UK Gamblers.

In fact, from the 14th April, all the people that are using credit cards to place bets will see their cards blocked from every platform.

But what does it exactly mean? Maybe you are one of the 800,000 consumers that are using credit cards to gamble and you are afraid to see your earnings and your account undermined. First of all, you have to know that the ban will apply to all online and offline gambling products, with the only exception of non-remote lotteries.

Also in these cases, there is a common denominator, every lottery will have to provide a significant layer of additional protection to vulnerable people. In a sentence, all the casinos that accept credit cards would change their policies about that. The drastic measure was indeed adopted to protect people whose lives have been turned upside down by gambling addiction.

Why has Gambling with Credit Cards Been Banned in the UK?

Will I still be able to play with credit cards?

No, unfortunately not unless you are looking to play at non-gamstop casinos which by itself may not be a great idea if you have any history of problematic gambling.

Despite what just said do not worry excessively. Not all is lost and there are ways to preserve your account.

People could still gamble online and offline with debit cards.

These instruments are perfectly in line with the Government’s Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures. So, above all, you don’t have to worry about losing your habits. In fact, the Dillan Shafer, one of the casino experts who is in charge of the research at thebest-casinos has put together a brand new list of UK casinos that still accept credit cards.

You’ll just have to change them a little.

If you are using a credit card in your account you have to switch right now to another way of payment and we advise you to follow these simple and healthy tips to live your betting experience in the best way.

As you surely experience, casinos online can carry you through a magical experience. Among the wishes of those who measure themselves with this awesome world surely win is in the first place. Despite this, playing without any strategy can quickly lead to the destruction of one’s economic and social life.


If you are looking to play any game online, including Bingo, Slots, Poker or any other table game you won’t be able to use credit cards to do so anymore unless you choose to gamble at international online casinoswhich do not fall under the UKGC jurisdiction. 

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