Efforts Continue for US Online Gambling

It has been a busy couple of years in the US for legislators and lawmakers as efforts continue to allow options for residents to take part in online gambling and online betting – there has been a big swing in the number of states that have started to push these online services too with some of the biggest USA online casinos having only emerged in the past couple of years. Some have managed to do so very successfully, where others have had less success, but which states are leading the way forward and which are running into longer delays?

Colorado has led the way for success ­– With its online sports betting market first emerging early in 2020 and other online games following suit, the change of legislation here has certainly been amongst the most successful for the latest states to introduce online options – so much so that it’s attracting European gaming names like Tipico. Having posted huge numbers for the first year, and promising numbers for the second year of running too, Colorado has been able to provide a blueprint for success for other states to follow and the opportunity for online sports betting and online gambling to grow.

Maryland is an opposite story – Despite having numerous passes for different legislation, online options were first announced earlier this year as the state had promised to step up its options for online play and had been urged on too for concerns that it was falling behind neighbouring states – but delays continue to come through as it appears licenses for online platforms won’t be available until 2022 at the earliest. It has been a show of the introduction but slow roll-out of change and in comparison, to other successful states, where Colorado has been a sign of things going right, Maryland may be an option for a state that could’ve done things differently.

New York could be the next big state to see change – It has already announced that New York will be one of the next big states to introduce change and had done so with language that moves around the need to include tribal casino rights too which have been a big issue for other states looking to launch online platforms of their own – and getting it right the first time will be so important too. With neighboring states having already introduced online options, New York loses a lot of players to those crossing state lines, and so getting their own online options sorted quickly and effectively will be a big benefit to the state.

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