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evelution gaming

For frequent online casino goers, the name Evolution Gaming will definitely resonate with you. Priding itself as one of the world’s most successful casino game developers, with titles found across major online casinos all over the world, it has indeed carved out a name for itself in this industry.

Nevertheless, unlike the other major players in this industry, they do not go for the usual slots and table games. Rather, their niche lies in integrating the virtual with the live experience and therefore replicating the offline experience in the online form. This is achieved by providing offline payers with a high-quality video feed in real-time of their chosen casino game. Therefore, this gives players surreal gaming experience and allows players to enjoy the live casino experience while at the comfort of their homes. As the forerunners of live gaming technologies, many gaming developers have attempted to emulate their success but of course, Evolution Gaming remains at the pinnacle of this development. For players who are interested in live casinos, do read on to find out more!

evelution gaming

Special Features/Technology 

Every software developer has its own special features and in this section, I will be talking about some of the special features of Evolution Gaming. Most of its games are featured on the popularity charts of several online casino sites. Aside from the usual regular promotions offered to loyal players, they do pay special attention to special occasions, such as birthdays and other major events.

The amount of effort put into noticing these minor details does give players a tinge of coziness and familiarity rather than just being a gaming platform or developer. Their niche of live gaming has indeed brought about a surreal experience for players that cannot be replicated from the usual online games. From their state of the art studios, they continue to push the boundaries of technology and game quality, which led them to become the forerunners of this live gaming experience. For players who are looking to have a go at these live gaming experience, you should definitely go for those developed by Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming Support and Security 

One of my criteria in selecting a trustworthy online casino is customer support. In this aspect, Evolution Gaming definitely makes the cut. They have guaranteed that every element of their products are supported 24 hours, 7 days a week for the entire year. Furthermore, their support team comprises of highly skilled industry professionals with relatively quick response times.

I was unlucky to have experienced a glitch during one of my plays due to my internet connection. However, it was resolved in less than 15 minutes and I was able to get a refund back! Another criterion when selecting an online casino is to ensure that they have the means of preventing fraud since it is a recurring problem in the industry. Evolution Gaming pride themselves on being robust, certified, and secure products. Their intuitive risk management and cutting edge technological tools monitor every aspect of a gaming operation and provide automated alerts. These alerts help ensure that any suspicious activity is swiftly detected, preventing and deterring any fraudulent behaviour. Therefore, be rest assured that it is perfectly safe when playing with Evolution Gaming and just focus on playing.

Popular Games 

Evolution Gaming offers the most realistic casino experience possible. For example, some of their games do emit the ambiance of a high-end Las Vegas resort making you feel as if you were physically there, with the glitz and glamour. Some would even go to argue that their games have superseded that of the real-life casino experience since you can enjoy the same realism and atmosphere without the need of being physically in a casino. Their most played games are Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, and Live Dream Catcher (a Wheel of Fortune-style spinning game where you win instant cash prizes on a spin of the wheel. All their games are streamed in high-quality HD and they are often independently audited to ensure fairness and credibility. The live streaming element does add a new dimension to the whole gaming process. Just being able to see the dealer creates a more intimate feeling and it is exciting knowing that there are other players present as well.

What’s New? 

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and they have been actively searching for ways of fusing the best of both worlds – real-life casinos and online games. With the advancements in technology, they have been able to ride along with this wave of improvements allowing them to achieve a breakthrough in developing these live games. While the other companies are contented with just providing online games, the team behind Evolution Gaming believed in the need for leveraging technology to bring across a better gaming service and experience for its players.

Therefore, given that technology will only continue to advance and grow, I am looking forward to the future developments that Evolution Gaming will be putting forth.

Evolution Gaming Conclusion 

All in all, Evolution Gaming is a reputable name in the online casino industry as one of the longest-lasting software providers. The key to its durability lies in the fact that it can continuously bring about valued and quality products to its players.

Using its experience to their advantage, they can adapt to the constantly changing demands of the players and have also leveraged heavily on technology to meet these demands. One of these demands is the fact that most players today prefer playing from the comfort of their homes. However, rather than simply creating online games that would have to satisfy the demands of players, Evolution Gaming has taken it a step further and focused on fusing the enjoyment of being in a live casino and the comfort that one gets from their own homes. With that mentality, they proceeded with the development of live casinos and have worked relentlessly to make it work. Their efforts were paid off with the fact that several other gaming operators are trying to play catch up today.

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