People who love online gaming and gambling have lots of online casinos and gaming sites to access. With this, their gaming becomes uncontrollable. It is good that most licensed online casino gaming and gambling sites are connected with Gamstop. This is a service that restricts those who register with them from playing in registered online casinos and gaming sites. But there are still other online gaming and casino websites that are not linked with Gamstop. This becomes the problem as many get addicted to online gambling and playing because they have no sort of control. This is when the product of Gamban becomes very helpful to those who are playing online casino games and gambling.

 Special Features

Gamban is a useful and efficient software that will block gambling websites and applications. This aims to solve gambling problems such as debt and addiction. This solves the problem with self-exclusion services, where players can easily reverse the service and allow themselves to get back to gaming. When a person installs Gamban in their mobile phones, they can no longer play in any online gambling sites, even those that are not licensed and not blocked by Gamstop.

If you find self-exclusion sites and apps inefficient in stopping you from visiting online independent casino sites that are unlicensed, then Gamban is the answer to stop those urges. With this, you cannot escape and gamble for one whole year. You will never be tempted to do online casino gaming since you cannot access any online casino and gambling sites. With this, it will completely keep you away from temptation and help you stop yourself from irresponsible and uncontrolled online gambling. People who have difficulties of stopping themselves from placing bets will find this software helpful. You may spend a few amounts for the subscription, but the savings you can get from not being able to gamble is huge. Anyone who installs this software to their devices will instantly feel the benefits it aims to share with its users.

How Does Gamban Works?

Gamban is a software that needs to be installed to make it work. It can be installed in different devices, like laptops and mobile phones. Once installed, the device will block all gambling applications and European casino sites. There are sites that are created to escape such software, but with Gamban, it has multi-layer bans that will easily detect any sites that allow gambling and block it before it even runs on the screen.

Installing the software will require you to choose a subscription timeline or period. The only way out is to wait for the subscription to expire. As long as your subscription or Gamban license is active, there is no way that you can access online gaming and gambling sites. It offers a free 7-day trial. This way, you can assess if the software will be useful for you or not. Once satisfied with the service, you can subscribe to the license and it costs 24.99 annually. This software helps online gamers, and gamblers quit from the habit of online gambling. It will totally stop one’s urge to gamble through the online casino and gambling sites.

Pros and Cons

Like any other software and applications, Gamban has its pros and cons. These will help people weigh in their choice of whether or not to use it.


  • Can be installed in mobile phones

Unlike other software, Gamban is installable even in mobile phones through a simple app download. People who are playing online gambling and casino on their phones will have a way to stop and quit as they can install this software on their mobile phones.

  • Inexpensive

An annual fee of 24.99 is light for the pocket. This is a lot cheaper than the amount that you will spend for a year of online gambling.

  • Ease to download and install

This is easy to find over the internet. The instructions are easy to follow, making its download and installation a breeze.

  • Offers free trial

This is the best thing about Gamban as it offers a free 7- day trial. This helps the person see if the software is useful for them or not. This will also help them decide whether or not they will subscribe to the service.

  • Customer satisfaction

Overall almost everyone who has tried Gamban has reported it is very helpful in preventing further issues related to gambling.


  • Reported inconsistencies

There are reported cases that when the user restarts their mobile phone, the service stops working. This means that they can once again access online casinos and gaming sites. This can be a big issue as anyone with a gambling history knows when you want to play bingo not on gamstop or not on gamban – you just want to play then and there. Some users say that they can again access online casino sites when their computers go through system updates.

  • Inefficient live chat

There is technical live chat support that Gamban offers, but some reports it to be slow or not working. With this, users cannot get customer service through live chat.

  • Technical problems

Some users have experienced technical problems with using the software. Some say it restricts them from using the internet ever since Gamban has been installed.

How to easily install Gamban?

Timeframe Gamban blocks online gaming and gambling sites

One year or 12 months will be your time of blockage from all no verification online casinos and gambling sites. There is no way that you can access gambling sites within the time of subscription. If you wish to stop the block or band, you can contact customer service and see what they can do. If skeptical or doubtful, you can take advantage of their free trial. This will allow you to test if the software will be useful and efficient for all your devices, which it will be.


Q: Is Gamban safe?

A: Yes, it is safe. In fact, it is useful and helpful to people who wanted to quit online gambling. It can regulate a person’s habits of gambling.

Q. Does Gamban restrict types of payment?

A. No. It only blocks certain casino sites. However, due to the new credit card restriction ban in UK casinos, there are only a handful of UK gambling sites that still allow players to deposit using credit cards.

Q: Does Gamban work on iPhones?

A: Yes, you can install Gamban on any of your devices. Installation is easy and quick to finish.

Q: Can I use my Paypal to subscribe to Gamban?

A: Yes, PayPal payments are accepted.

Q: Can Gamban block all online casino sites?

A: Gamban guarantees 99% efficiency because of its multi-layer ban features. There is very little chance that an online gambling site escapes the software’s strict detection.

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