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Players like to engage in the game of chance because it is unpredictable and entertaining. However, if you play these games with any sense of control, it might result in addiction, which can be quite challenging to overcome.

 Many players are not aware of their compulsive gambling habit, which might lead to adverse consequences if not put under control.  Therefore, you must detect the signs of gambling addiction early enough. This way, you will be able to seek help as soon as possible.  One of the organizations established to help addicted gamblers is Gambler Anonymous.  Since the inception of this organization, they have helped a lot of people to overcome gambling addiction.  

Recognizing Gambling Addiction 

Gambling addict is a person that lacks self-control as far as gambling activities are concerned whether online gambling or non UK casinos. Such individual jumps at every gambling opportunity regardless of its consequences.  People addicted to gambling will always feel the impulse to gamble even though it is taking its toll on their finances and emotion.  The first sign of gambling addiction is its devastating consequences on the social and financial life of the gambler. Gambling addiction does not have any physical effect, so it might be pretty hard to detect at an early stage.  

Gamblers Anonymous: How Does It work? 

Gambler Anonymous is an organization designed to assist those addicted to gambling, giving them access to professionals in these areas. Apart from that, they offer different types of approaches in solving gambling issues and organize meetings that are aimed at getting you back on track.

There are lots of methods that can be used to treat compulsive gambling. Gamblers Anonymous employs one of these methods, which is known as the Gambler Anonymous meeting.  People feel uncomfortable discussing their problems, so GA has organized a friendly, cozy, and safe setting where people share their stories relating to their gambling addiction and recovery to motivate newcomers.  

These meetings take place once a week. You might be relieved after your first session, but you need to keep attending the meetings for effective results.

Where to Find Help in The UK? 

In this section, we will be giving you the list of places you can visit for assistance on issues relating to gambling addiction.  We have also included their contact details and brief information about each of them.  

Gambler Anonymous 

This organization assists addicted gamblers from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.  You can visit their website to do a test comprising 20 questions. The test will help you determine your status whether or not you are addicted to gambling.


Email: [email protected] 

Address: The Wellness Centre 

45 Montrose Avenue, Intake,

Don caster, DN2 6PL 


You should check Gamcare if you need advice or counseling on issues on gambling addiction. Their free helpline is always available. Apart from that, you can contact them through webchat.

Free Call: 0808 8020 133


Email: [email protected] 

Royal College of Psychiatrists Leaflet

This organization is the right choice for those who have a gambling addict close to them. 

Website: London Office 

21 Prescot Street 

London E1 8BB

Contact Number: 020 7235 2351


National Problem Gambling Clinic 

This is a clinic set up to improve the ways and techniques of dealing with gambling addiction. 

Phone: 020 7381 7722


Fax: 020 7381 7723 

Address: 69 Warwick Road 

London SW5 9BH

Email: [email protected]


You must seek help immediately if you notice any sign of compulsive gambling. You can consult any of the above organizations for a lasting solution to gambling addiction. 

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