Will There Be a Rise in Online Gambling During Coronavirus?

Due to the pandemonium, tension and panic that the spread of the COVID-19 virus had brought to the world, everyone has been forced to stay indoors as a preventive measure to curtail the spread of the virus. Some of the measures adopted all over the world are social distancing, regular washing of hand, avoidance of body contacts among other. 

However, staying indoors can mean a couple of things to people ranging from inability to move around, meet and visit friends, inability to go to school or work, visit the gym, pubs and —most especially— watch your favorite sports teams play. An undisputable interpretation of this is that land gaming centers are closed down which then beam searchlight only on online activities.

So, if you’re wondering if there will be a rise in online gambling during this period, remember there can only be a single answer to that: YES! There has never been a better alternative to online gambling at this period. 

Land Casinos closing now – Shift to online gambling

Since the pandemic had successfully locked everyone indoors, land Casinos are automatically closed down. However, the need to embrace technology and shift our attention to online gambling. This is a better alternative to land casinos. To keep boredom in check, here are the top online games you can stake your bets on:

1. Virtual Football 

Given that football leagues have been put on hold all across the world, you can place your bets on virtual football. This online game come along with markets such as Double Chance, Both Teams to Score, Home Team Goals, Away Team Goals, Match Winner, Winning Margin, and so on. 

2. Horse Racing 

One of the most exciting online sport you can gamble on is the horse racing. You have the opportunity to place your bet on any available quality horse games you so desire. But it is worth noting that the outcome of the game is neither influenced by team selection, weather conditions nor any other unfavorable factors. In fact, you get to see action and replays as well as listen to online audio commentary of the game.

3. Casino 

Casino lovers have the opportunity of exploring lots of casino games available online. You can harness these by visiting any of your favorite online casino sites not on Gamstop and stake your bets. 

4. Virtual Cycling

Undoubtedly, virtual cycling is another interesting game you can place bets on. Cycling, although not as popular as other sports such as football, is budding and developing attraction from its lovers. In fact, you should be informed that virtual cycling takes place in just the same way as real Olympic races. The graphics of this game is made of excellent and quality graphics. And its market includes Tricast, Forecast and Race Winner. It is also noteworthy that virtual cycling does not take time and it has the advantage of being available for 24hrs non-stop and does not require a prior experience. 

5. Virtual Greyhounds

This particular online game is most similar to horse racing. The only visible differences, however, are that the Greyhounds have their own outlined tracks. Also, the advantages that comes with the game include the chance to bet 24/7 uninterrupted as well as instant declaration of results. It’s also interesting to know that Greyhounds races are not affected by external factors such as weather or player selection. 

Risks of Gambling Online During Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, many gamblers whom cannot go to a casino to play slot machines, cards or roulette are quickly migrating to online games because Coronavirus had unavoidably shut down lots of things that involves large gatherings. Online gambling comes with minimal risk. And, it is the best alternative now when you consider the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 at the land casino. So, you are absolutely safe to place your bet online. The risks that are related to online gambling during the Coronavirus pandemic include:


There’s an increasing risk that there would be risk of addiction to gambling by gamblers. This is because people might, out of boredom, stay longer online playing games than they would on normal days.

Open Access to Children

Another major disadvantage of online gambling at this stay-at-home period is the exposure of children to gambling activities. Everyone is at home at this period, and the children will love to know what their daddy or uncle is doing on the internet. To avoid unnecessary exposure of children to online gambling, do not visit any gambling site when you are in company of young ones.  

Methods to Control Your Money Management

Again, It’s no news that Coronavirus had made sure everyone stays indoors. Realistically, this could mean that you’ll incur more expenses on feeding and less on others. It is very important for you to check the rate at which you spend in this period. Hence, slated below are few tips to manage your money during this Coronavirus:

Be Mindful of Your Income 

There are very germane differences between income and expenditure. You must sincerely understand that you cannot spend more than what you earn. Although the period of this pandemic might tempt you to keep on spending most of your income on food, subscriptions and online gambling. However, you cannot give what you don’t have. Hence, the more reason why you need to understand your earning and spending dynamics either as wages or salaries just before the evolution of Coronavirus pandemic.

Create a Budget

If you haven’t done, believe me, you really need to create a budget for yourself. This would help you have a clear financial management in how you spend during this period. You’ll get to plan on whatever you’ll spend on online gambling, feeding, subscriptions etc. and save you a fortune once the pandemic is all over.

Avoid Debt

It’s very easy to run into debts. And once you do, it can be really difficult to get out from. COVID-19 would lure you into debt. But when you try to avoid unnecessary expenditure, you’ll be saved the grace of wanton debts. Try to rid yourself off addiction to online gambling and you’ll be doing yourself a greater good in avoiding debts.

Think like an Investor

Sadly, our educational system does not really teach us about appropriate ways to manage money. However, people who get rich really did know how they transformed a $500 into $1,000, $10,000, $10,000 et cetera.

It doesn’t just happen overnight, they spent invested their time and money to achieve that. In this period where you would be required to spend more on feeding and sanitizers and less on other endeavors, it’s high time you cut your expenses on online gambling and think like an investor.


Considering the dangers of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is therefore reasonable to conclude that there would be a rise in an online gaming activities. There can never be a dull moment in this period of isolation.

Normal gambling centers would be opened again when normal activities are restored. Before then, you need to avoid boredom and go for a perfect alternative, which is online gambling. And trust me, you might just hit a jackpot doing this.

There are lots of online non UK casino sites with mouth-watering offers. The good news is that most of these gambling sites accepts player from the United Kingdom. So, what are you waiting, make the most of this coronavirus period to enjoy your favorite casino games, and explore other interesting games with fascinating odds. 

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