Do you find yourself spending too much time playing online casino on your smartphone? Do you feel that you are already overspending on online gambling? First of all, you are not alone. Second, you should act on it right away and continue reading this review of Gamblock. Stop yourself before you get into even deeper troubles like debt or gambling addiction. These days, more and more people get hooked with online casino gaming and gambling. It is because Casino and gambling have become more accessible as it can be played using any device such as a laptop or smartphones.

The above is one more reason many people get into gambling problems and have such a hard time stopping. When people get too engaged with online gaming and gambling, quitting from it might be a problem so people are looking for ways around it as can be seen in the huge rise of people searching for casinos not on gamstop as well. This is when software that blocks online casinos and gambling sites will be most useful. There are lots of programs, applications, and software that people can choose from to help them stop online gambling such as the reputable gamstop, the newer gamban, and others. In this post, we will discuss all about the advantages an disadvantages of Gamblock.

 Special Features

Gamblock is one of the many software that people can install in their devices. This blocks people’s access to online casino sites, which helps them in avoiding the risks of unrestricted and uncontrolled online gambling. Gamblock has been around since 2000 and it has used highly sophisticated analyses and a program that blocks even the new gambling sites.

The software is on continuous improvement and development to make its services even more efficient and helpful. Gamblock helps people who are having problems with gambling to stop and finally quit. The no-access feature makes a person get used to not seeing casinos and gambling sites. Though you will spend money for its services, you still get to save money since you will never get into betting and gambling again. This is already a huge saving and the best part of it is that you have stopped your gambling habits.

How Does Gamban Works?

Gamblock is a software that can be installed in a device that is being used in online gaming and gambling and can prevent you from playing at any non UK gambling sites. It can easily be searched over the internet and once found, people can just download it. It can be purchased online with the use of a credit card. Once the software is already downloaded, there will be easy to follow instructions that will allow you to install it in your device.

Interestingly enough, once the credit card ban on credit cards will be effective, all credit cards will be banned from online casinos and there will be only a few online gambling sites in which players will still be allowed to gamble using credit cards even if they are signed up to Gamblock.

Once Gamblock is installed, it will work on detecting sites that are being accessed or searched. When it detects that it is an online casino or gambling site, then it will automatically block the access. This software is too potent that no licensed or unlicensed and big or small casino and gambling sites can escape its tough analyses. The price depends on the device, the number of users, and the length of protection. On their site, a user can choose on their preferred period of usage and device so the website can give the amount that should be paid.

If you have chosen three months, then it is truly three months of no access to online casinos and gambling sites. If you want to play again, wait for your subscription to expire. This software is not really made for cancellation or reversal of installation as it aims to help people who have gambling problems to stop and quit sites that are not blocked by gamstop.

Pros and Cons


  • Can be installed in any device

This software can work on smartphones and laptops. It can be installed on iPhones and Android as well.

  • Critical analyses and detection

Gamblocks analyses and detection are so powerful that no casino site can pass through. It can even detect new and small casinos and gambling sites that are trying to escape its analyses.

  • Easy to download and install

There is no difficulty in purchasing the software. It is easy to search and download. Its instructions are clear and easy to follow. Once the software is already installed, the user will enjoy its strict no access rule on any casino or gambling websites and applications.


  • Video games issues

Since gaming and gambling are often associated with one another, there are cases that the software also blocks video games. Video gamers cannot access their games because Gamblock has mistaken it as a gambling site. In addition, this was found to be the case with gamstop as it not only blocked bingo sites that were not signed up to gamstop but also simple computer games offering bingo games online.

  • Customer support issues

The free customer support is said to be slow and some users are having difficulties connecting to it. While the Premium Support is expensive to get and some users do not want to spend money to get customer support.

  • Glitches on smartphones

Some users report that their installed software does not work well on Samsung while other customers have issues running the software on their mobile phones.

  • No free trial

Unlike other software and applications, Gamblock does not offer a free trial.

How to easily install GamBlock?

Timeframe Gamblock Blocks Online Casino and Gaming Sites

There are different time periods that users can choose from with the blockage that Gamblock can provide their devices. It can range from one month for up to sixty months. The users will choose the timeframe they want to avail of. Every timeframe has a corresponding fee. There is no free trial with Gamblock. Therefore, they offered a one month time period for their users. There is no way to uninstall the software. Once you installed it in your device, no casino sites will be accessed no matter what you do. The only way to go back to playing again is to let your subscription expire.


Q: Why is Gamblock more expensive than other Casino blocking software?

A: It is because it can be a multi-user software used by players who are interested in playing at international casinos sites unlike other software that only offers usage for one person only and is limited for UK players. It also guarantees no escape for casino and gambling sites, no matter how big or small it is.

Q: Does Gamblock offer a free trial?

A: No. It does not have a free trial, but its minimum time period of subscription is one month and this will be enough for a person to try it out and see if it works for them.

Q: Aside from blocking casino sites, what other help can Gamblock offer?

A: Its website has a Gambler’s Help page. This can give information that gamblers need regarding their problems in gambling. You will also be able to find all reports of gamblers that Gamblcok has helped them stop gambling on the Gamblock testimonial page to learn more.

Q. For what Countries does Gamblock block gambling activity? 

A. No matter where you are in the world, once you sign up to Gamblock you will not be able to play at any European online casinos. You should still check and see if the licensing body in your Country holds otherwise but for the time being this holds for most EU countries. 

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