Gambling has been around for decades, but it has been easier to access with the advancements of technology. Casino gaming can now be done online. This means you can place bets and gamble using your devices like laptops or smartphones. Since this is the situation all over the world, If you are gambling for fun, then it is fine. But when you get into uncontrolled and irresponsible gambling, then the fun becomes dangerous and it is time for platforms like Gamcare. This can lead you to addiction and even debts. There may be software, websites, and apps that will help in controlling people from their habits of online gambling. However, the self-exclusion programs will not be effective when the person opts to get out of the service and gamble again or is not doing the work and searching for sites that go around self-exclusion platforms such as sites not covered by gamstop or International online casinos with offshore licences.

This means success in quitting online gambling really depends on the willpower of the person. If a person is determined to quit gambling, they do not need the help of any technology to stop their addiction to uncontrolled gaming.

 Special Features

If you are already hooked to online gambling and gaming and just feel that you are getting more and more in trouble, there are organizations that you can talk to and seek help from. The experts behind thebest-casinos have put together a set of article explaining how every self-exclusion schema such as Gamban or GamBlock works, and in this post will elaborate all about Gamcare. With Gamcare, you get vital information, advice and help in case you are already deep into problem gambling.

Gamcare is the organization that runs the National Gambling Helpline which can give help and treatment for people having trouble with gambling. This organization also raises awareness on how to minimize gambling through information and education on the prevention, control, and recovery. Gamcare has its main help center in London. The main difference between Gamcare and other programs is that it does only block you from gambling on different sites, which just leads to people searching for ways to find sites that are not blocked by self-exclusion platforms but also provides personal help.

They have partner groups in England, Scotland, and Wales. This non-profit organization is not just around to send help and treatment but also to give information to people on how to handle gambling, avoid it and get rid of the addiction. It is good to have organizations with a noble cause to help people. And with Gamcare, you will get the right treatment so you will never have to go back to gambling again.

How Does Gamban Works?

People who are having problems with gambling can seek help from Gamcare. It offers help, guidance, advice, and solutions that will help a person having gambling problems. It could be an addiction to gambling, debts, uncontrolled betting and temptation to go back to gambling. A person who wishes to talk to someone to get help can call the National Gambling Helpline. They are available from 8 am to midnight daily. One can also visit the website of Gamcare as it contains the other contact numbers and ways to get in touch with someone who will help them out with their problem.

The Gamcare software is easy to use and to get in touch with somebody from Gamcare. You can contact them through chat, call or email. There will always be someone from the organization who can give advice and solutions depending on the problem.

Pros and Cons


ï         Live person

The person who needs help gets live answers and gets to talk to a real person. They will not get auto-generated answers to their queries and concerns. When a person is desperate, all they need is someone to talk to. And with Gamcare, people can talk to true experts who can help them out with their problems in gambling.

ï         Experts

With Gamcare, you will get connected with the appropriate agency or experts who can be of help to you. You can be sure that you will get expert and professional help since you will deal and talking to true experts.

ï         It cares

The organization is aimed at helping people recover from their addiction to gambling. It is non-profit and you can be sure that they operate because they care for others. This charity group is focused on stopping people from online gambling and make sure that no one will ever get addicted to it putting them in big debts.

ï         Free

Calling or contacting Gamcare is for free and at no cost. The people can contact Gamcare through their helpline, live chat or email. Their helpline is open until midnight.


ï         Voluntary

The problem with helplines is that they can only wait for callers to call them and seek help. If a person who has problems is shy or does not want to talk to anybody, then there is nothing that the organization can do for them.

ï         Unsure if advice is used

Since people can only call, chat or email, there is no way to check whether the person with gambling problems has used the help or advice given to them.

How to easily use GamCare?

Time Period of Help from Gamcare

Calling or getting help from Gamcare has no limits. You can call as many times as you want. They would want to make sure they can help their callers and even if the person keeps calling, it is not an issue. The organization would want to keep speaking to a person until the problem is solved. People can contact Gamcare through phone, chat or email. They also conduct talks and discussions to fully help people spill out their main problems and create a good plan to solve the problem.

Aside from giving advice, they also raise awareness on problem gambling and its effects on people and their families. So if people are looking for slots or bingo games that are not part of gamstop for example, the people behind Gamcare will know about it and will be able to provide professional help. Through these informative and educational issues, people can gain knowledge on how to stop gambling and how to avoid getting involved in online gambling.


Q: Is there a fee when contacting Gamcare?

A: No. Getting in touch with them does not have a fee. It is totally free.

Q: Where does Gamcare get their funds to operate?

A: Gamcare is a non-profit organization that helps people with gambling problems. They get funds to operate from grants through voluntary programs that are being managed by GambleAware. The funds are being used to provide services, treatments, and support to people.

Q: Where is Gamcare based?

A: Gamcare has treatment locations in London, England, Scotland, and Wales so if you are playing at sites not from those areas such as EU casino sites you will need to find a different platform to seek help from. All expert and professional services are provided to people with gambling problems for free.

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