How to stay away from Casinos not covered by Gamstop during Corona quarantine? 

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Playing at Casinos Not on Gamstop During Corona

The Covid-19 virus that has taken the world by storm needs no introduction. To date, people living in several countries all over the world, including the majority of Europe and the United States are being told to stay home. To alleviate our boredom, many of us have resorted to online activities such as gaming, movies, video calls, and many others. Inevitably for gamblers, we resort to visiting online casinos.

While it is acceptable for those who resort to gambling merely as a form of recreational activity, it is unacceptable for those who are problematic gamblers, or worse, possess a gambling addiction. Even with gamstop, it is insufficient in preventing a problematic gambler from accessing gambling sites. This is because there are several ways of bypassing gamstop. Furthermore, not all casinos are registered with gamstop, meaning that these sites are not obliged to restrict any person registered under gamstop. In this article,

Our experts will be giving some advice as to how you can help one stay away from casinos not covered by gamstop during Corona. Do read on to find out more.


Before we dwell into the ways of helping one stay away from casinos not covered by gamestop, there is a need for me to talk about gamstop itself. Gamstop is a government-supported initiative. It is a self-restriction program whereby participating online casinos are obliged to ban gamstop registered players from accessing their websites. The period of restriction is solely dependent on the individual and once fixed, this period of restriction cannot be amended or lifted before the end of it. Nevertheless, much autonomy resides in problematic gamblers and online casinos. There are several casinos out there that are not part of gamstop which means that gamblers can continue to visit these sites even if they are registered under gamstop. This will then defeat the purpose of trying to stamp out problematic gambling.

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Alternative Solutions

Fortunately, gamstop during Corona is not the only solution offered in curbing problematic gambling. There are other solutions out there that seek to resolve this perennial issue. In this section, I would like to bring in two other programs – gamban and gamcare.

Similarly to gamstop, gamban is also a self-restriction program whereby the individual has to sign up for it preventing him from registering at other no verification sites. The difference, however, is that gamban relies on highly complicated heuristics which automatically detects and blocks out any sites containing gambling related material. However, gamban is not free software. Gamcare is a program that looks at a holistic solution in curbing problematic gambling. Their main approach is via outreach and educating people with problematic gambling.

For those who need someone to talk to, gamcare would be the more suitable program for you. All you have to do is to go to their website and register with them, and one of their personnel will get back to you shortly.


In conclusion, given the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are choosing to remain in our homes rather than being out and putting ourselves at risk of getting infected. Nevertheless, for problematic gamblers, this could mean revisiting of online casinos. While gamstop was developed with the interests of curbing problematic gamblers, the existing infrastructure is insufficient in having any substantial impact.

Many online casinos are not listed with gamstop and are hence not obliged to restrict problematic gamblers from their sites.

In this article, we have listed out two alternatives that one can use in replacing gamstop. Gamban relies on the principle of enforcement in preventing gamblers from accessing online casinos sites. Gamcare, on the other hand, relies on an educational and consultative approach in helping gamblers. Ultimately, you decide which solution would work better on you.

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