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Gamstop is a website offering service that will allow you to regulate your online gaming undertakings. This service will restrict you from playing online gambling games to prevent you from overspending and uncontrolled gambling. People who often place bets on online casino sites will benefit a lot from Gamstop as it will keep playing casino games fun but not abused. Gamstop offers free service and people who would want to avoid getting addicted to online casino games can use this. Their service is available for online gamers who are residents of the United Kingdom, particularly Great Britain and Northern Ireland only.

Gamstop is run by the non-profit organization: The National Online Self-Execution Scheme Limited that helps online casino gamers prevent abused or excessive online gambling.

The Gamstop platform is the protection that every online gamer needs from irresponsible and unregulated gaming and gambling. That being said, just like any self-exclusion schema the platform itself is not enough as players can just stumble upon casinos not blocked by gamstop. In order to really stop gambling please also seek out professional help.

 Special Features

Gamstop aims for discipline, and possibly total quit players from online gambling in the UK. However, if you have been gambling at European online casinos Gamstop will not be able to help you. If you have been accessing online gaming and casino websites and be drowned with debts, as many people all over the UK have, then this service is for you to try. If you are an occasional gamer and would just want to play for fun, then this service can also be helpful for you as it prevents you from turning into a frequent gambler. The best thing about Gamstop is that its services are for free.

The above means that its noble goals are made to purely give help to online gamers that want to achieve responsibility and discipline in online gaming. When you register to this site and are determined to stop gambling, then you will succeed in your aim to quit.

How Does Gamstop platform Works?

For online casino gamers who wish to use Gamstop services, they can register on the website at In the registration, the website will require you to provide your postcode, date of birth and email address. Keep in mind that you can only sign up for yourself. You cannot sign up for other people. After the registration, you will receive an email regarding all details about your self-exclusion.

The confirmation will take about 24 hours. Once activated, they will not allow you to gamble or play games in any licensed online gambling companies in Great Britain. It is only the owner of the account that can set the self-exclusion controls. And only the account holder can pause or stop the self-exclusion.

Once the time limit is reached, the account owner will also be the one who can re-activate the control. In case you changed house or have a new email address, inform Gamstop right away so they will update your account. You have to understand that once you have registered with Gamstop, it will exclude you to play in licensed online gaming sites only. It does not include the unlicensed gaming sites since they are not obliged to join Gamstop which means there is a bigger risk in joining unlicensed online casino and gaming sites.

Pros and Cons

Everything will have its pros and cons. It is important to choose what will for you and not as a gamer. This kind of scheme will be helpful for gamers who do not want to spend too much on online gaming or gambling. Since this is self-exclusion, you will need your efforts to control yourself from stopping the control on your account to make your online gaming for fun only and not for addicted gambling. This won’t be a problem as just like there are sites with bingo not on gamstop there are plenty of bingo games online that are not for money players can play.


  • It aims to help

Gamstop platform serves a noble service as its self-exclusion service wants online gamblers and gamers to start self-discipline. It helps one avoid being hooked with gambling where they can spend a huge amount of money uncontrollably.

  • It helps one to quit gambling

If you can keep up with the self-exclusion period of Gamstop, then it could be your first step to quitting online gambling. The Gamstop platform teaches gamers and gamblers control over their urge to play and place bets.

  • Available support in their website

If you have problems with gambling, debt or need advice, the website has a support page that can help you with what you are going through. It has contact information of the most suitable group and agency that you can speak with to help you solve your problems.

  • Linked with major online casino sites

Almost all major online casino websites are connected with Gamstop. This means that it will restrict you from almost all online casino sites in UK.


  • Difficult to stop service

Stopping the service can be difficult where you sometimes need to keep repeating the process. It should also be mentioned that if you are used to using credit cards to gamble, you will have addition helo to stop as the UKGC has put out a new regulation stating that from mid-April credit cards will be banned from all online casinos and only a number of casinos in the UK will still be able to accept cards. So you are not alone!

  • You are still in control

Because it is self-exclusion, you will still have the option to stop the control and get back to the game again.

  • Unending promotional emails

When you register, you will start receiving never ending promotional emails and advertisements.

  • Sometimes you get blacklisted

Even if your self-exclusion has lapsed, you cannot go back to playing because you got blacklisted from the online gaming sites.

How to easily use Gamstop?

Time Period of Casino Ban from the Gamstop platform

Gamstop uses a self-exclusion scheme that allows the gamer to choose the timeframe of the program. The gamer will choose how long he or she will be blocked from playing the games in different online gaming and gambling sites. When the timeframe of being banned or blocked has lapsed, the gamer can have the option to re-apply for the self-exclusion scheme again or move on to playing again. The choices of timeframe include six months, one year or five years.


Q: Are there online casinos that are not on Gamstop?

A: Yes. Casinos that have the UKGC gambling license are required to join Gamstop. But those that do carry this license can choose whether or not to join Gamstop. Also, there are still a number of betting sites not on gamstop as well as online casino sites not licensed in the UK which are also not on Gamstop.

Q: Can I unregister the service?

A: No. There is no direct way to unregister from this website, but there are options that you can try to reverse the registration and subscription to their services. 

Q: Is the Gamstop platform effective in quitting online gambling?

A: The answer is dependent on the gamer. Gamstop helps discipline the gamer from continuous gambling, but the gamer still needs to exert effort to completely quit from gambling.

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