Guide to Football Betting on Premier League

By Michael Volton / June 15, 2020

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After about ninety days of lockdown, the football premier league is set to resume on Wednesday, 17th June 2020.  This is excellent news for all bettors in the United Kingdom as they can now start betting on their favorite matches. 

Activities all over the world were put on hold due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The English Premier League is not an exception. It was put on hold to curtail the spread of the new coronavirus diseases, which was later named COVID-19.  As the football Premier league is about to resume, sports lovers and bettors need to be updated with the vital information that has to do with the sport. On this note, we will give you some of the first few games that will be played.  Apart from that, you will also get to know where you can place your sports bet in the United Kingdom. 

What does this mean for online Football betting?

There has been a significant setback in online non gamstop betting due to the lockdown that was occasioned by the Coronavirus pandemic. The football premier league are not left out, leaving bettors with other sports like virtual horse racing, virtual footballs, among others. 

The resumption of football premier league means that bettors can now place their bet on premier league matches, increasing betting activities around the world.  The advantage of this is that sport lovers can now start enjoying the rewards of their passion by winning big on different league matches. 

Therefore, we expect that online betting activities will return to what it used to be, following the premier league’s commencement.

What are the first few games that will be played?

The current season of the football premier league remains ninety-two matches.  Note that the provisional resumption of premier league matches is subject to safety requirements.

According to Bryan Swanson, the first sets of games to be played are Manchester City vs. Arsenal and Aston Villa vs. Sheffield. 

According to a proposal approved by the Premier league shareholder, all the ninety-two matches will be broadcast live in the United Kingdom by the current broadcast partner. These partners include Amazon prime, Sky Sports, BBC Sports, and BT Sports.  football fans should take note that they will not be allowed in the stadium so that they will watch all the remaining games through the broadcasting channels.   

Where can UK players place sports bets?

As the premier league commences soon, many punters in the UK will l like to make use of this excellent opportunity to win big on their favorite league matches. We will give you the list of the best sites where you can place your sports bet in the United Kingdom.  Below are some of the trusted Sportsbook in the UK:


Sports lovers can enjoy the live streaming of the remaining 92 premier league matches through the dedicated broadcast partners of the league.  Also, we have listed some reliable gambling sites where UK players can place their bets, and win big on their preferred league matches.

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