How has online entertainment changed over the last decade?

Entertainment of all forms has been moving increasingly online over the years with the most recent shift being seen with the movie industry and the change to digital releases with online streaming becoming a priority – certainly not the first industry to do so, however, as all forms of entertainment are now primarily represented online. But which are the biggest, and where has the most change been seen?

Mobile has become a go to hub – Since the inception of the various app stores and marketplaces in late 2008, mobile as a platform for entertainment has grown leaps and bounds. It has quickly become the biggest platform for all major forms of online entertainment from gaming including one of the biggest options being in online casinos and particularly for live media with the likes of live streaming too. Mobile accessibility has led to a huge change in demographic and audience too as an older audience has become the primary users for the biggest forms of entertainment and will likely continue to change online entertainment over the next decade too.

The growth of online livestreaming – A little after the inception of app marketplaces on mobile, and a little over a decade now, the launch of livestreaming initially through platforms like and Own3d, was born and quickly rose to become the home of online gaming entertainment as the biggest content creators flocked and often leaving other platforms like YouTube behind and catching up in the livestreaming space. Whilst primarily known for its prominence in esports, it has gained a lot of popularity across all forms of gaming and has gained a lot of attention in recent months for the huge growth in the slots and gambling categories – it also features plenty of options for ‘IRL’ or In-real life streamers, as well as just chatting sections too, and has changed the way many individuals access entertainment online.

Social media sharing has been key – It isn’t just about the entertainment options, but also about how individuals find these options and interact with them, and this is where social media has been so key. Sharing login credentials or being able to share and invite friends to join you with your preferred online entertainment has made these options much more accessible particularly for the now growing older audience with online entertainment. It’s still all about sharing and this likely won’t see change over the next decade either, and social media will continue to be an instrumental part of how online entertainment evolves and changes moving forward particularly with a growing prominence placed on how platforms link together and how this online entertainment option can be shared with friends.

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