How to Fill in a Betting Slip Horse Racing?

By Michael Volton / August 18, 2020

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How to Fill in a Betting Slip Horse Racing?

Before you can place a horse racing bet, you will be required to fill a betting slip.  With this horse race betting slip, you can boost your winning chances.  As a player, the first step that you need to take before betting on horse races not on Gamstop is to learn how to fill the betting slip appropriately.  On this note, we will explain how you can fill a betting slip for horse racing. 

You must have come across a betting slip on several occasions if you are a regular player. It is a piece of paper that you fill at a betting outlet before placing a bet on your favorite sports. It usually contains information about the games, stakes, and others.  Here are what you find on a horse racing slip:

  • Odds of the horse 
  • The course of the race and time
  • Name of the horse
  • The stakes

Betting slips may differ from one sportsbook to another, but their contents are generally the same.   Horse betting slips usually contain space for horse name, information about the race, and odds. Some bookies also provide space at the base of the slip for stakes.

Types of Betting slips

Bookmakers provide punters with the essential betting slips to place a single bet on horses, to either win or lose.  This betting slip is enough for players who aim to earn some money from the sportsbook; however, some players want more betting options.   

Another type of betting slip that can be used in horse racing is the coupons.  These betting slips allows for more betting options.  Fortunately, their several coupons available. But, its availability is dependent on the bookmaker.  A coupon will enable you to make several selections across one meeting of horse racing.

How to fill a Horse Race Betting Slip?

As mentioned earlier, horse betting slip usually contains information you need to place a bet. It includes the name of the horse, the stake, odds of the horse, and the course of the horse and time.  So, how do you fill a horse betting slip?

Filing a betting slip for horse racing does not have to follow a particular order.  Before you fill out a horse race betting slip, you should ask questions from those working at the betting shop on the type of bet you want. 

Bear in mind that odds change from time to time. Ask about the odds available; you can either walk away or place a bet if you are satisfied with the odd.

Furthermore, the simplest way of betting on horse racing is to back a horse to win. You have to show this on a horse racing betting slip.  All you need to do is to write this information on the betting slip.  Always ask questions if you are in doubt to avoid making avoidable mistakes.   


Horse racing betting slips are pieces of a paper issued to players who want bet on horse racing. As a reminder, you should ask about the odds available at the betting outlet before placing your bet.  An effective way to bet on this type of sport is by backing a horse to win. 

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