Live Casinos Continue to Thrive

Whilst the concept of live casinos has been around for about two decades, changes in technology and the ability to deliver games in a smooth and seamless fashion took some time to follow and it hasn’t been until the past few years where they’ve really been able to take off as a more familiar gaming option – now that they have emerged and provide an option for a not so solitary night in, what is it about live casinos that have helped them continue to thrive in popularity, and as this growth sustainable enough to keep live casinos as the most popular game type for many operators?

Having some social interaction even when at a table alone is certainly one reason why these games have been able to thrive – the  dealers can add a lot of entertainment to games that for some players can become stale over time, and an interactive dealer that players can chat to, make jokes with, and react to a certain play do enhance the experience, even more so when there are other players at the table too and it can create a lively experience that can replicate what is experienced at a land based casino.

For players who may have been a bit skeptical about making a change for online casinos, it has helped increase perceptions of trustworthiness too as players can see exactly what’s happening at all times – removing essentially what would be a visual or machine interface from the games has helped to encourage some players who were on the fence to experience live casinos and has an impact on changing the game experience too – it’s a reason why all live casino genres from Blackjack, to Roulette, and anything in between has grown over time, and whilst there’s still active development, the space for new games to emerge is constantly growing too.

The next step for some will likely be the introduction of changing technologies like extended reality as both augmented and virtual alternatives could bring live casinos further to life and inspire some more realistic features which will continue to bridge the gap between online and offline options, and whilst these changes may still be some time away the introduction of more interaction live dealers is a great way to change the games in a very positive way and it’s no surprise these changes have also helped live casino games to become the most played, and often lead to the most player success too.

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