Tips for Playing for Low Stakes at Non Gamstop Casinos

New bettors and those who are inexperienced gamblers are advised to play at low stakes.  What do we mean by low stakes?  In simple terms, it means staking your bet with a small amount. The advantage of playing at low stakes is numerous. Apart from avoiding significant losses, it enables you to play your favorite casino game with peace of mind.  Furthermore, playing at small stakes will give you the ability to manage your bankroll effectively.  

In this article, we are going to provide you with a useful guide that you can follow when playing any real money casino games online at low stakes. That is, you will learn how to take advantage of great winning opportunities while playing at low stakes. 

As a Gamstop user, you must stick to non UK casino sites that are not in partnership with the self-exclusion scheme. When you play on any registered and licensed non Gamstop Casino site, you will not experience any issue when it comes to registration and withdrawal of your winnings. 

Once you have found a reliable non Gamstop casino online, then you should consider the payment options available. Select the right payment option that will protect your identity.  Bear in mind that UK gamblers are not allowed to use Credit cards. Also, the use of debit cards might reflect your gambling transaction on your statement of account. So, you should consider payment options like cryptocurrency, web wallet, and the likes.  

When you have chosen the right transaction method, you should also consider the proper playing strategy. That is, you need to know the right stake level to play at, as well as the suitable bankroll for gambling online.  It is advisable to choose a bankroll that won’t have a devastating effect on you in case of loss.  

Essential Tips to Follow When Gambling on Non Gamstop Sites 

There are some essential guides you need to follow when it comes to deciding on the amount that you should stake. Here are some helpful tips that will guide you when deciding on how much you should play on any non Gamstop casino site

Divide your bankroll for enough playtime 

This is an important tip that every casino player should follow. It involves dividing your available bankroll such that you have plenty of playtime in it.  For instance, you can decide to play one-hundredth of your bankroll when you are playing a slot machine.  If you have made 40.00 deposits, you should consider a slot machine that will allow you to set the stake to 0.40 per spin. With this setting, you would be able to play at least 100 spins with your available 40.00 deposit on your bankroll.  Note that you are likely to win more spins as you spin some winning combination in the course of the game.  

Take advantage of casino bonuses 

There are several casinos promotional offers available for new and existing players of different non Gamstop casino sites. For example, you can double your bankroll value instantly with a 100 percent match deposit bonus.


You need to follow some essential guidelines while placing your bet on a non Gamstop casino site. This will help you to play at low stakes without losing the fun and the winning opportunities that come with games you have chosen. 

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