Megaways Slots; How Do They Work?

New game designs come regularly in the online casino space as a way to entice new players and excite seasoned players who’ve already experienced much of what the genre has to offer – the Australian software developer, Big Time Gaming, looked to introduce something new to the slots market with their variety of options aptly called Megaways Slots. By adding a random reel modifier, every spin during a game can be different from the one before and vastly changes the slots experience that most players will be accustomed to – but how does it work, and what’s the result for players?

Adjustable pay lines – A traditional slots machine both online and offline will feature a fixed number of symbols on the reels, and therefore have a fixed number of pay lines too – the random reel modifier on Megaways Slots however randomizes how many symbols can appear from spin to spin up to a maximum of 7, and this can have a big impact on possible winnings too.

Adjacent reel wins – With the increased symbols per reel, there are also changes to the way pay-outs are handled too – for traditional slots, wins are earned by lining up symbols along the pay lines, but with Megaways slots, wins are earned by landing identical symbols across the reels adjacent from three to six reels depending on the game, meaning some wins can be easier to come by.

What sort of RTP for Megaways Slots – There are some surprising figures that come for the RTP too – the average RTP as measured by the creators Big Time Gaming is at 96.22% for their most recent report, but some games have reported a higher number with games like White Rabbit Megaways suggested to have the highest RTP at 97.77%.

With a higher possible winning percentage than most slots games which are generally acknowledged to be quite poor in terms of RTP, and the higher possibility of winning a bigger pay-out too with enhanced pay lines, Megaways Slots have quickly risen to become amongst the most popular choice of game at any online casino and with a wide range of different themes and styles too, they’re likely to keep growing. With built in features that also help players to calculate the number of ways to win on a particular game, it also offers some transparency that isn’t always common across casino games and could be another factor for why so many players are turning to this game type.

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