How to Play Mobile Casino Games When on Gamstop?

If you are an experienced Casino player in the United Kingdom, you would have come across the term Gamstop on several occasions. However, a lot of new players might not know what Gamstop is all about. Gamstop is a scheme made for UK gamblers who want to exclude themselves from gambling activities for a while. It is a self-exclusion scheme that is exclusive to UK gamblers. 

If you feel like staying away from gambling activities for a while, you can opt for this service. It is also a useful program for UK punters looking for a way out of gambling addiction. To use this service, all you need to do is register on the Gamstop site and supply your information.  

How Gamstop Works?

Applying for the Gamstop program is pretty easy; you will be required to choose a duration for your self-exclusion from gambling activities. Bear in mind that the shortest amount of time that Gamstop permits for the self-inhibited ban is six months, while you can stay off gambling for up to five years using this service. Some of the information that you will be required to supply when registering on Gamstop is your postcode, birth name, among other vital data.  

When you try to register newly on any casino website that is partnered with Gamstop, the site will scan through the Gamstop registry. If the website detects your data on the Gamstop-ban index, you will be automatically denied access to the site.  It shows that you have self-excluded your self-excluded yourself from gambling activities in the UK.

How Can you Play Mobile Casino Games When on Gamstop?

A person might be pressured to register on Gamstop. You might later change your mind after you have applied to Gamstop. As explained above, once you get your information into their database, you will be automatically banned from accessing any casino website that is partnered with Gamstop. Worst still, a lot of gambling sites in the UK are associated with Gamstop. The question now is: How do you play your favorite casino games when you have already self-excluded yourself? You will find answers to that question in the course of this article. 

Non-Gamstop Casinos 

Registering on Gamstop means that you have excluded yourself from playing on non Gamstop casinos, while you are free to play on casino sites that are not in partnership with Gamstop.  The fact is that there are a handful of non-UK casinos where you can stake your bat with peace of mind.  If you are ready for an exciting gaming experience on non-Gamestop gambling site, follow these steps: 

Step 1 –  Download a non-Gamstop casino app on your tablet or any other mobile device

Step 2 –Launch the application 

Step 3 – Register as a new player on the gaming app

Step 4 – Log in to the app

Step 5 – Navigate through the app, and enjoy the casino games available in the app. 

This app features a massive range of casino games that you can play for free or with real money. If you wish to play with your funds, then you should deposit into your account.  Some of the transaction methods available on non-Gamstop casino websites are Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Debit cards, among others. 


Being on the Gamstop-ban index does not stop you from enjoying your favorite casino games as a UK player.  Follow the steps outlined above to download a non-Gamstop casino app for an exciting gaming experience. 

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