New Changes in Place for UK Operators

Regulation changes are nothing new and they come and go in big waves, earlier in the year it was announced that some big changes would be coming for UK operators aimed particularly at online slots but also changes aimed at online platforms as a whole – and now that these mandatory changes had been put in place from the end of October, some will be looking forward and what other future changes may come, and how these changes may have an impact on services outside of the UK if more value can be found too.

The primary set of changes had been aimed at making slots more fair for those playing – it had been identified as the game that brought the biggest losses and a game that contributed to the biggest spending for players too, it has been well known for some time slots typically have amongst the lowest winning rates – the changes implied had been aimed at slowing the services down whilst removing features like auto-play and turbo features that would lead to players losing track of the amount of time played. Whilst slots have been the initial focus, there are some suggestions that this may be seen across other services too as efforts are being made to expand regulation across many other online services too.

Other changes made had been aimed at providing more information with play sessions – more tracking for wins and losses, and how much had been won and lost during a gaming session too, much like the previous point these changes had only been aimed initially at slots but are likely something that will be seen across many other platforms too, and whilst only mandatory for UK operators currently it wouldn’t be surprising to see this change issued in other countries. Gaming transparency has been on the rise and so implementing these features into all online casinos may be important for players of all backgrounds.

It’ll take some time for figures to roll in to see how this may impact already established operators offering slots in the UK, whether or not this will have a net negative or a net positive impact could be more influential on future changes too, these certainly won’t be the last regulation changes to be made UK services with more efforts for fair play, transparency, and options yet to be made.

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