Most Claimed Casino Bonuses at Non-Gamstop Casinos

In a previous article, I spoke about the need to include promotional bonuses as one of the criteria when selecting a casino as it can help to increase your profits. In this article, I will be going more in-depth as to what you should be looking out when selecting casinos based on these promotional bonuses and how to claim them. This is going to be one of the most important articles that you have ever read especially if you have been neglecting promotional bonuses. 

Tips and Pointers

First and foremost, for those who are registered on Gamstop and are concerned about the lack of online casinos for them to access, fret not as there are lots and lots of other non-Gamstop casinos out there. All of these non UK casinos have pretty attractive promotional bonuses as well. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should be simply going for any online casino just because they offer promotional bonuses.

There are always certain terms and conditions that you are required to fulfill before claiming these bonuses. If you are not careful, you may end up not getting any and yet having your funds locked in that casino.

Having said that, let us go into the tips for spotting good bonuses. The deposit match bonuses are often the ones that the seasoned non-Gamstop casino players are going for as they can massively boost the value of your initial deposits. There are three key things when selecting such bonuses. First, the lower the play through requirements, the better the bonus.

Second, only those deposit match non-Gamstop casino deposit match bonuses that come with no maximum cash out and pay-out limits are the ones you should be looking to claim. The reason for this is pretty straightforward.

To have a limit on the amount of bonus means that you cannot cash out all your bonuses, leaving a huge bulk of your bonuses with the casino. Third, look out for deposit match bonuses that do not restrict the games you can play or at the very least let you play the casino games you are interested in playing.

If you are only offered a series of free slot spins as a promotional offer or deal, then make sure that these spins do not come with a limit on how much you can cash out with them. Also, they offer pay-outs as cash credits and not bonus credits that are attached to a ‘play through requirement’ terms and conditions. 


In conclusion, even as a Gamstop registered player, there are multiple online non-Gamstop casinos with attractive promotional bonuses that you can choose from.

Nevertheless, it is important to research a particular casino before committing to it. In terms of selecting a casino based on its promotional bonuses, it is important to internalise the terms and conditions attached to it. Otherwise, you could possibly find yourself losing out when it comes to the actual claiming of bonuses that were initially promised, or so you thought. 

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