Poker Terms Explained

Getting started with any new hobby can always be tough, lots of lingo flying around to remember and some can certainly come out of left field which can be overwhelming when coming to grips with the game itself too – even those who have been playing for a longer period of time may not understand some of the more niche terms, so we’ve taken a look at some of the more common, and less common poker terms to explain and get newcomers and experience players all caught up on some gaps.

No-limit – This is a term that’s often associated with online poker games and online casinos as a whole but isn’t always the most clear language. Particularly through online tournaments, language for no-limit poker games will become more recognizable. This is simply the structure of the game that allows players to place bets as high as they like, including their entire stack, whilst there is a minimum of what can be bet which will be set before the game starts, there is no maximum.

Buy-in and Bubble – More aimed towards tournament play, but also often used outside of tournament play too. Buy-in as it would suggest and is a more well-known term as the cost to sit down at a table – the size of the buy-in changes based on the big blind and some other custom rules too but can often also contribute to the final prize too. For those figuring out potential winnings from the buy-in, knowing what the Bubble is may help too – it is the finisher outside of the winnings. If the top 10 players get paid, then the player finishing 11th without any prize money would be the bubble.

Kicker – A card that determines a win in a hand that’s otherwise equal – if two players have identical hands but one holds a single card higher, that is the kicker. Understanding the game and probability is something vital here and watching the best players utilise strategies that involve relying on their kicker often pays off and is a skill to learn in itself too.

Tell – Another of the more well-known terms, but something that’s still quite hard to grasp for many – a tell is something a player may do subconsciously to tip off the strength of their hand – whether this be a scratch of the head or a tug on the ear – it could be anything from player to player. The best players may not outwardly display their own tell often and learning to control personal tells can increase odds of winning too.

These are just a few of the many terms involved in Poker and getting to know them may help improvement much faster, and also help to not get caught out with terminology that may not make sense.

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