PPV’s Silent Saviour

By Michael Volton / July 2, 2020

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Pay Per View – UK Sports Post Covid19

We’ve been through some strange times these past few months, it has to be said – with cancellations for many of our favourite events and sports it has certainly been a tough time. Despite many being unable to continue, the UFC had been able to hold a number of successful events at a time in which no other sporting events could, and as such were able to reap the benefits of doing so – but behind the scenes, betting at Non UK sites especially remained as the silent saviour as the company found the events to be more successful than ever. 

So what now? 

Pay-per-view events have always been popular for self-excluded players, and a vast array of betting sites not on gamstop have taken a foray into the market. However, recent events have led to an interesting shift. Typically the success of these PPV events can be found with both online sales, but also through ticket sales at the gate – a packed stadium with solid attendance figures can be a good judge on just how well the event has done, but a new metric has to be found when that isn’t a possibility – for this period of time, that metric has been betting. In May the UFC had been able to hold three consecutive events in a little over a week, and at a time where nothing else was on they were able to capture an increasing number of viewers – but the surprising figure here is that for the biggest event of the three, operators reported that it had been the companies most bet event in history as punters flocked to place bets on their favourite fighters amid an extended downtime – what may be more interesting however is that through this period of time where more events have been held, the same continues to ring true – betting numbers as a whole within combat sports are way up.

Look to the next few months

It is somewhat expected that these figures will begin to drop off as other sporting events return, but that sports betting as a whole will continue to perform extremely well now that other events are taking place – but it also can’t be soon forgotten that at a time where PPV events may have otherwise struggled to low gate figures, betting had certainly done its part in finding successes for these events and being a big reason behind increasing viewership numbers but also the overall success at a time in which it was questioned if events should even be taking place.

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