Main Differences Between Gamstop, Gamban, and Gamcare?

Gambling addicts seeking an effective solution to this habit must understand the differences between Gamstop, Gamban, and Gamcare.  The three programs are designed to assist gambling get back to their healthy lifestyle.   


 Gamstop is a scheme designed for UK gamblers who want to exclude themselves from all online gambling activities in the United Kingdom. Players can apply to this self-exclusion on their volition. Once they register, all their accounts will be banned for a certain period ranging from six months to five years, depending on the player’s choice.  Gamstop users will be denied access to online gambling non UK casinos that are registered in Scotland, Great Britain, and England.  

You apply to this self-exclusion scheme with your personal information, which includes your postcodes, names, among others. You will be denied access when you attempt to log in to your account on any casino website that is in partnership with Gamstop.  If you have already logged in to your account before you register on this scheme, you will be automatically logged out and banned within 24 hours. 

Bear in mind that Gamstop only targets online gambling habit. So, you can still play at land casinos after you have registered on this self-exclusion scheme.   


Gamcare is a program designed for those who need advice and counseling on how to get overcome gambling addiction. Apart from that, they provide you with helpful information and tips that will help enhance your recovery process. You can also contact them on behalf of your loved ones that need help.  You can contact them through their free helpline as well as webchat.  Their expert services are non-judgmental and highly confidential.  It is an independent charity organization located in the United Kingdom.  


Gamban is an exclusion app that blocks all gambling applications and websites on your device. This application supports Windows, Andriod, Mac OS, and iOS. It is a useful tool that helps you to put a stop to online gambling activities on your device.  All you need to do is install the Gamban app on your device like tablets, smartphones, among others. The application is easy to use, reliable, and safe. It is a useful tool that can help gambling addicts fight the urge.  

It is also worth noting that these app does not affect the use of your device.  It is designed to block thousands of gambling apps and websites. You can always reach the company through their customer care email if you discover that a non-gambling site is blocked on your device.  

Differences between Gamstop, Gamban, and Gamcare 

Gamestop is a self-exclusive scheme that disallows a person from accessing UK gambling sites that are in partnership with it.  Gamban works by blocking your device from gaining access to thousands of non gamstop sites. The operation of Gamcare is different from the two in that it offers advice and counseling on how to deal with compulsive gambling.  


We have clearly stated the main differences between Gamstop, Gamcare, and Gamban. As a reminder, Gamstop bans players from accessing their casino accounts while Gamban is an application that blocks all gambling sites and apps on your device. Gamcare offers professional services, in the form of counseling and advice, to addicted gamblers. 

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