Sporting Achievements Against All Odds

By Michael Volton / July 20, 2020

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The term ‘against all odds’ is used regularly in sport but is perhaps one that is overused. In this post, we look to identify 3 of the greatest sporting achievements from teams when it looked completely impossible according to the odds offered by most of the non gamstop betting sites listed here.

Leicester City winning the Premier League – 5000/1

By far and away the greatest sporting achievement of all time – Leicester City’s success in the world’s best football competition took the world by storm. Most betting sites not on gamstop offered odds of 5000/1 – indicating an almost impossible probability of them rising to success.

Furthermore, the club were almost relegated the season before having dodged relegation by the skin of their teeth. Claudio Ranieri’s men defied all odds and roared to success in what will live in the memories of football fans forever more.

Since their victory at 5000/1, bookmakers have never offered odds this generous on anything football-related. Perhaps they learned from their mistakes?

Japan Beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup

At odds of 1000/1, most bookmakers and indeed the general public gave the Japanese no chance at all. Yet in the 2015 World Cup pool match, they defied all odds and beat one of the pre-tournament favourites with a try in the last 5 minutes to secure their place in rugby folklore.

Not quite the 5000/1 shot that Leicester were, but 1000/1 in a one-off game is an incredible turnaround for who were then the rugby minnows. It’s safe to say, they’re taken very seriously now and had a great World Cup in 2019.

England Winning the Cricket World Cup Final in 2019

Whilst they started the tournament as favourites, nobody could have predicted what was going to follow when England faced their old nemesis New Zealand in the World Cup final. At one point, England needed 30 from just 8 balls, and 12 from 4 balls – yet they still managed to make history despite trading at around 750/1 in play with most bookies not on gamstop.

Words will never tell the true story – Ben Stokes miraculous innings, followed by a super over that had never been seen before gave those watching the spectacle of their lives. England ending up winning the competition on boundaries scored, having scored more 4s and 6s than their Southern Hemisphere counterparts – but at 750/1 in play, who would have thought it?  A day to remember for England fans.

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