Super Bowl Betting Facts

The Super Bowl is just around the corner as the biggest sporting event of the year in the US and the most successful commercial sport in the world – the event captures hundreds of millions of fans every year with the game often holding over one-hundred million viewers concurrently and making it perhaps the most watched match of the entire year in any sport. Whilst the Rams will go in as the favorite against the Bengals for this final, there are always some interesting betting stats around the Super Bowl as a whole too.

A coin toss worthy of superstition – Plenty of players and fans going into the final will be wearing their lucky socks, their lucky hat, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best and there’s always superstition that leads into a big game from many too – the opening coin toss could be another point of this superstition too as the team that has won the coin toss has lost the past seven Super Bowls. Is this something worthy of dictating a bet? Certainly not, but it does give food for thought when watching the toss and may have some tightening their hands a little when the toss is determined.

Largest betting spread since 2018, but underdogs may be secretly favored – Betting odds are present for a reason as they tend to be a great indication for punters on what to expect, and with a 4.5 point lead for the Rams they are the clear favorites – but the underdogs have won seven of the last ten Super Bowl’s and could also be another figure that some fans turn towards as something worthy of superstition – the Bengals are also up against the spread in their last seven games too, so the gap between the favorites and underdogs may not be as clear cut this year either.

The most bet Super Bowl in history – It has been a great year for punters across the US with changing regulation around sports betting and gambling as a whole as many states have welcomed online sports betting with open arms – it was estimated that last years Super Bowl was able to generate over $4.3 billion in bets placed on the game, and with the changes seen this number could be much greater in 2022 – it’s expected to be the largest single-event in American sports betting history, as bookies reach out to all available audiences to take bets.

It’s an exciting opportunity for fans and sports betting operators alike and could show just how valuable online sports betting has become – be sure not to miss it either, it’s set to be a huge weekend for football.

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