The Importance of iGaming Ad Diversity

The online gaming market is going through rapid change – where once gaming was primarily frequented by younger teen males the demographic has been changing to accommodate an older audience too with online casinos leading the way for those with disposable income too. Because of this, it’s now more important than ever for iGaming advertisers to focus on more diversity with how games are presented in order to capture this now very wide audience, but what will the diversity in ads mean for the success of such a broad and wide-reaching set of entertainment options?

For the operators, it’ll be the potential ROI for different audiences that will lead to the most diversity – with figures emerging on which type of players are likely to spend the most, which are most likely to play for longer hours, and those who are most likely to take advantage of promotions and bonuses alike will steer the direction of diversity in advertisement. Comparisons are already starting to happen here and have been for some time, and there’s already a very clear difference in preference and performances of many audiences that frequent online casino games.

Different audiences will also require different forms of advertising to be swayed to play at a particular service too – for some, seeing a famed actor or sports figure talking about their own preferred service may work well and is the reason why many betting sites are able to benefit from an audience here, but may not be an effective strategy for all audiences. For example, in mobile gaming in particular, the primary gaming audience is made up of women over the age of 34 with a suggested 50% of all gamers falling into this bracket on mobile, and as such different advertising strategies may be required in order to capture this market.

It’s also important to make the most of different advertising channels and having diversity here is just as important too – what may translate well on television may not be as impactful on social media for example, and leveraging the strength of different platforms is a great way to introduce more diversity into an iGaming ad campaign – it’s a fantastic way to show off personality too, as businesses like Paddy Power have long succeeded from an interesting Twitter profile showing how understanding the audience for this channel can lead to success.

The gaming market is still going through a large amount of change so strategies to improve iGaming ad diversity will take time, but with a clear divide already seen on what works well and what doesn’t has shown more than ever the importance of introducing change where necessary.

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