Using Online Casino Filters Effectively

Modern online casinos often have thousands of different games on offer in any one category which can often mean there are tens of thousands of games in total across the entire platform – even for experience players this can be a lot to navigate and may make it impossible to find exactly what a player may be looking for – this is where the use of game filters come in handy, but not all are as intuitive as they should be, and can sometimes make it even harder to navigate a site than without. So how can players ensure they’re using filters effectively?

Provider filters – Depending on the designer of the games, this can be quite a broad category – but may be the best filter to use if a good experience is had with one or two particular games. Using a filter by provider will only bring up games that may provide a similar quality and experience to these other favorite games – it also provides a way to explore a wider variety of games without straying to far from what’s expected in terms of quality and experience as a whole.

Return to player – Whilst not a common filter featured in many services, it is seen from time to time and a great way to filter by games that provide the biggest winning opportunities to most – there may be a number of different ways that RTP is calculated within these filters which needs to be considered too, as it could lead to different expectations of both the way pay-out may be handled and what the real return rates are, but may give at least a good indication of those that do pay out more often.

Popularity – Usually the default and the most often used but sorting by popularity does give a good representation of which games are being played the most and could incorporate parts of the other filters as the most popular will tend to come from the best providers and with the best return to player too, so popularity may also serve more as a catch-all filter that represents the best parts of all categories. The games in the popular categories may often be those most represented for upcoming promotions and deals too, so will provide the best winnings and returns if the deals can be completed in time too.

Filters are becoming more complex too so filtering options in the future for the biggest casino games will continue to evolve particularly as online casinos are becoming more focused on delivering exactly what a player may be searching for.

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