All ways around gamstop and why they are risky

Before going into the different ways of which you can bypass gamstop, let me first elaborate a little on Gamstop. Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme developed by the government that bans registered users from accessing online casinos sites registered and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Players have to voluntarily be included in this program and they can then decide for themselves how long they want to be ban for from accessing Gamstop online casino sites.

While it appears that it is a good initiative for hardcore gambling addicts, it is not that ideal for recreational gamblers who can control their gambling habits. There are many ways of circumventing gamstop but nevertheless, such measures should be applied with caution.

The reason is that several of these measures require either a lowering of your computer’s security system or visiting sites that are not regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Therefore, for those who insist on bypassing, do make sure that you do your due diligence in researching a particular site before committing to it. 


First and foremost, you need to understand that once you are registered on Gamstop, you will not be allowed to access a list of online casino sites that are registered with Gamstop. This ban will be for as long as the initial period that you have selected. Therefore, should you ever have a change of mind, you will not be able to revert to your previous access rights.

This means that you will not have a choice but to wait for the period of the ban to be over before you can access these online gambling sites again. Second, Gamstop is a failing system. While it appears as a pretty strong system, in reality, there are already multiple ways of circumventing its restrictions.

Bypassing Gamstop 

There are several methods of getting around gamstop. In this section, I will be talking about some of them. One such method includes using Virtual Pass Networks (VPN) and amending your Domain Name System (DNS). These measures while seemingly harmless actually require you to give permission to these external networks which could potentially expose your computer and privacy to foreign infiltration. The second method is to access online casino sites that are not regulated by the UKGC.

I am not saying that the UKGC is the most reputable regulatory authority in the world. Rather, for these sites that are unregulated by the UKGC, the onus is on the individual by accessing it, and should anything happen, the UKGC will not be culpable for it. Moreover, you cannot be sure if that particular site that you have accessed is indeed regulated and licensed by whichever regulatory body that the site espouses.

If you happen to get to a scam site, you are potentially at risk of malware or worse getting your money conned by the operator.


All in all, I have given my take on the risks involved with bypassing casinos that are registered under gamstop. These risks are real and there have been multiple reports on people getting their computer infringed or their money conned through such sites. Nevertheless, I am not saying that everything is dark on the other side.

There are legitimate, proper online non UK casinos that are simply not registered on gamstop. However, as every other casino will claim the same, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they do their checks on a particular casino before committing to it. What gamblers can do is to do a simple online check. There are multiple articles out there providing lists of known non-gamstop casinos that players can try their hands on.

Should a casino perpetually not appear on such lists, then you can be sure that it is a sham site and should quickly get out of it. 

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