What does Doubles Mean in Football Betting?

Football is an exciting game that is embraced throughout the globe. As such, football betting is a popular among new and experienced players. Furthermore, experienced bettors should be well familiar with football betting terminologies.  This is one of the factors that boost their chances of winning when they bet on football matches.  

One of the most important terms used in sports betting is doubles, which is also known as double bets.  So, what does doubles mean in football betting? It is a single-stake bet that has two selections. Both selections must win for you to have a return on your bet.  In order words, you have to predict the outcomes of two matches correctly for you to win your bet.  

Furthermore, double bet offers higher returns when compared to single bets, thus boosting your chances of winning. Experienced football bettors use double bets more often.

How do You Place a Double Bet? 

Placing a double bet is not a complicated process. All you need to do is to select the two matches to bet on.  Once you have made your selections, it will reflect in your bet slip.  The next step is to locate the ‘doubles’ option. You will locate this below the “multiple” header. Insert the amount you are willing to wager by making use of the double bet field. 

How to Calculate a Double Bet Payout? 

One of the exciting features of betting platforms is that it makes betting easier by doing all calculations for you.  So, you will have the potential returns of your bet displayed beforehand. What is required of you is to confirm if your potential winning is rightly calculated?

Steps involved in calculating a double bet payout 

Step 1-  Multiply the prices of the bets. For instance, if the odds of the two matches are 2.50 and 2.50. Then, multiply the 2.50 by 2.50.

2.50 x 2.50 = 6.25 

Step 2 – The next step is to multiple the outcome in step one with your stake amount. If you stake 10EUR, then 6.50 x 10 = 65 EUR 

Your winning is 65 EUR 

Step 3 – Calculate the actual profit by deducting your stake amount from what you got in step two 

65 -10 = 55

Therefore, your actual profit is 55 EUR 

Pros and Cons of Double Bets 

Double bets come with its advantage and disadvantages. This section will highlight the pros and cons of doubles as they apply to football betting.  Understanding the merit and demerit of placing double bets will help you make a better decision. Below are the important merits and drawbacks of double bets: 


  • It is more profitable when compared to single bets 
  • It only involves guessing two selections correctly 


  • You don’t have returns for a single winning 
  • It has more outcomes than single bets 


If you are an experienced player willing to make more profit via double bets, then you need to understand how it works.  We have outlined the steps involved in calculating your returns on double bets. Apart from that, we have highlighted the pros and cons of this type of betting. You will be able to take advantage of double bets if you have a proper understanding of how it works.

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