What is Card Index in Football Betting?

Are you looking for other less popular football betting markets where you can make a significant profit? If that is the case, you should read this article carefully as we are set to discuss a unique type of football betting.  This form of betting is not so popular, meaning that a few numbers of punters know about it.  Apart from that, bookies do not spend much time and resources in framing their prices. As such, you could take advantage of it and earn a considerable profit from this form of football betting not on gamstop.  One of such type of betting markets is card betting.  

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 How Does Card Betting Works? 

Before you bet on cards, you must understand how it works.  Also, card index betting has several markets. We will give you the details in the subsequent section.  You need to know how the betting is scored; the scoring is done via the card index.  

A yellow card is worth one point, while a red card worth two points.  Furthermore, if a player is awarded two yellow cards, this will be recorded as three points.  For instance, if there are six yellow cards and three red cards during a football match; the card point will be calculated as follows: 

Yellow card = 6 x 1 = 6 

Red Card = 3 x 2 = 6 

Total Point = 6 + 6 = 12 

Types of Card Market 

As mentions earlier, there are varieties of card market.  In this section, we will explain the types of card market available. 

  • Total card 

Total card is the most popular among all the card betting markets.  The concept of total card betting is straightforward.  For this type of non UK betting, players have to predict whether the total point of a particular match will be over or under the sportsbook’s total point.  Let us assume Man United is to play against Chelsea, and the bookie set the total point at 5.5 with an odd of 10/11.  If the game ends up with six yellow cards, a bet on over 5.5 would have a return.  Also, if the match ends up with four yellow cards, a punter that wagers on under 5.5 would win the bet.  

  • Handicap Betting 

 This is another variation of card betting.  In this type of card betting, the sportsbook will put a handicap

against a team using a “negative figure,” and balance this for the opposing team with a “positive figure.”  

In the case of the above example, the bookmaker might make Man United -1 and Chelsea +1.  If you bet 

on Man United, you need an additional two points more Chelsea to have a return on your bet.  

Apart from total cards and handicapped betting, there are other types of card betting markets. 


Before you decide to bet on cards, you should consider some essential factors. One of these includes vital

stats for the team involved.  Some of these essential statistics include Fouls per game, Tackle Per Game, 

and Cards Conceded per Game.  These data are helpful as they enable you to get the hang of the team’s 

disciplinary profile. 

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