What is Push in Football Betting?

You must have come across the term “push” at different bookmakers. It is a word used in football betting. Before going into details of what push is all about, you need to understand the terms “parley” and “spread betting.”

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A parlay is a type of betting that connects two or more single wagers. Bear in mind that if you lose a bet in the parlay, then you won’t have a return on all wagers within this combined betting. Simply put, if you lose a selection among the linked wagers, you will lose all bets. The advantage of this form of betting is that it has a higher return.  However, it has a higher risk since you have to win all the bets to have a return. 

Parlay bets are considered as a profitable non gamstop betting option in the long run.  Furthermore, a spread bet is different from a parlay in many ways.  It is a bet against the number of points or the spread of goals in a match.  Also, a spread betting is a long term bet that may have to do with the number of points won in a tournament.  

The non UK bookmaker usually come up with odds on a spread of results.  As a player, you are to decide if the spread will be lower or higher.  For example, if a bookie offers a spread of 2, click buy if you believe the spread will be higher than 2. If you think the spread will be lower than 2, click sell. At the end of the match, you will either lose or win, depending on the spread you prefer.  

What is Push in Football Betting? 

Spread betting is a two-way bet, meaning that you are betting something higher or lower than the bookmaker’s prediction.  This means you are predicting that there will be more or fewer goals, more or less yellow cards, or more or less corner kicks in the match.  If the result turned out as predicted, this means there is lower or higher. In this case, nobody wins, as it turns out to be a tie between the bookies and players.  The bookmaker will return the stake to the players as if there was no bet.  This is the idea of push betting.  

Push in football betting means a no result bet where the player and the bookies neither win nor lose.  Punters can get their money back in this situation.  You might be disappointed because you have high hope of winning.  However, it is better than losing your stake.  

Is Push a Loss in Football Betting? 

Push is a situation where neither bookies nor player wins.  In this case, players will receive all the funds they wagered.  Therefore, push is not a loss in football betting. You can decide to bet with the money again.   


Push in sports betting is a tie between the bookmaker and the bettor. The punter as well as the sportsbook has nothing to lose as the players will have their money refunded. 

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