When to Split When Playing Blackjack at Non Gamstop Casinos?

Knowing when to split and how to split can make a big difference when playing the Blackjack game at a non gamstop casino.  With the right split, you can increase your chances of winning the game. 

Blackjack players who know how to use the splitting pairs effectively have an advantage over others. It provides players with another opportunity to beat the dealer and enjoy double winnings. However, players must know the strategies involved in splitting. They must be able to split the right hands. 

In this article, we are going to explain how you can make the best use of split when playing a blackjack game at non gamstop casino.  

Splitting in blackjack at non Gamstop Casino sites

The majority of Blackjack games available at non gamstop casinos allow players to split pairs. Players have the option of splitting if they dealt two cards that are the same.  Players can then effectively play with both hands after forming two new hands.  

When to Split Pairs when Playing Blackjack at Non Gamstop Casinos 

Players should be aware of the right time to split when playing a Blackjack game.  The fact is, you can split any pair in blackjack. But, splitting should not be done every time.  

You should split based on what your dealer’s up card. In this section, we are going to tell you the best time to split pairs when playing blackjack at non UK casino. Below are the best times to split pairs: 

When you get Aces 

Bear in mind that some conditions in blackjack warrant splitting, irrespective of cards being played by the dealer.  For instance, you should consider splitting when you have two aces.  Note that playing two aces as one hand is not a good strategy in blackjack games. You have a better chance of getting a strong hand when you split aces.  

When you get Eights 

Apart from aces, a professional blackjack player will tell you to split your eights.  Getting a good hand can be quite challenging, if not impossible, you play your eights without splitting.  Mathematically, you stand a better chance when you the eights separately. 

When you Should Not Split When Playing at Non Gamstop Casino Sites 

Players cannot split any pairs. Apart from knowing when to split, they should also be aware of the pairs that should never be split. Below are some of the pairs that a player must not split:

  • Never split tens
  • Never split fours 
  • Never split fives 


Players who know when and when not to split pairs when playing a blackjack game have an edge over others.  As mentioned earlier, splitting also depends on the cards shown by your dealer. For instance, it is good to split twos, threes, or seven, if your dealer plays seven or lower cards. 

Furthermore, you can also split sixes when your dealer shows cards ranging from two to six.  You are advised to take a hit when the dealer plays seven.  Also, you can split nines when your dealer shows cards ranging from two to six, as well as eight, and nine. Splitting pairs in a blackjack game is a strategy that works for players that know their ways around it.  

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