Will Online Casinos Pivot to Dedicated Apps?

Some big news came for app developers earlier in the year when it was ruled that changes will be made to both the Apple and Google app marketplaces, notably in the reduction of the cost for in-app purchases which had previously been subject to a 30% tariff but has been subject to removal – whilst there is still a chance that this decision will be reversed in the future with appeal from the phone manufacturers, currently there is a very unique opportunity for developers looking to release new titles, and online casinos could be one of the big targets to receive dedicated apps.

Whilst there isn’t much restriction to prevent online casinos from launching an app as there are some already on the market including a large number of betting apps too, the large tariff applied to in app purchases has long been considered a reason why many online casinos have decided to not invest in the development of an app particularly with the cost of upkeep and further development of the apps too – the removal of the 30% tariff could be a signal that it’s time to expand into a dedicated app environment.

The change may also be spurred by a rapidly growing audience – in 2020 online casino games were amongst the fastest growing of all gaming genres on mobile and doesn’t show any signs of slowing either, this comes with a changing audience and demographic that continues to shift in the mobile gaming landscape in particular with a slightly older audience with disposable income making up the majority of players today. Payment methods that are becoming more easily accessible on mobile may also be a big reason for change as these same services don’t only have to rely on the standard methods of card or bank payments, but digital payment methods and alternatives in decentralised currencies have opened up further payment opportunities – although previously still subject to the tariff for in app purchases, did provide alternative options for players.

It’s certainly seeming to be something that could be a more worthwhile investment in the near future – whilst many sites still rely on having a dedicated website and likely always will do, having a dedicated app too provides something unique that very few online casinos currently do offer, and with players often being more trusting of apps coming directly from a supported marketplace – time will tell, but the future certainly looks promising for casino apps to start emerging in more frequent fashion.

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