Will VR Casinos Result in Growth for Online Casinos?

Throughout the past decade, online casinos have seen a huge amount of growth as mobile accessibility and the changing gaming audience have helped bring casinos to one of the more preferred gaming genres available. Whilst early iterations featured basic variations of popular casino titles, modern gaming options have changed quite a lot with the biggest sites featuring thousands of different titles with different themes are styles. There have often been questions around what may come next, and recently that had been answered with the launch of live casino and live dealer games which reinvigorated passions for online gambling, but the next step could do this further as extended reality could be the next big option for online casino gaming.

Augmented reality has already found its own spot of success in gaming with the release of the popular title Pokémon GO back in 2016 that brought millions outside in the summer to wander around with AR options that changed the way many mobile players viewed games, and is something that is being done in casinos already particularly with the likes of Poker as a popular AR choice, whilst it doesn’t replicate a live casino experience, it does bring a more involved feeling to players who have had the opportunity to try it out.

Virtual reality will certainly be the big step forward and has been thought over for gaming for a number of years, and casinos have become a big target for the change being seen in virtual reality too. Not only will it provide an opportunity to bring a realistic and tactile casino experience to players at home but will also bring a more social feeling to these games which has quickly become a priority as players look to communicate with each other and share their own game progress too. As costs come down and virtual reality options become more accessible whether through dedicated gaming systems or through mobile too, online casinos will certainly step up with their inclusion of VR options, and players will be more likely to explore what options virtual reality has to offer.

As live games saw online casinos grow, it’s almost certain that virtual reality will have a similar impact and online options will thrive with the change – it’s still quite a niche option and not all software providers have made the adjustment just yet, but once these games start gaining traction it will be something that changes very quickly and VR casinos will become a strong feature for online options in the future.

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