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Williams Interactive (WMS) is a classic, old school game developer and has been responsible for most of the land-based casinos since the mid-1990s. They started off developing pinball and video arcade games when they first started and only branched into the slot machine market in 1994 during the peak of the craze for slots.

With such a rich history and a vast amount of experience in-game developments, it has never failed in exciting gamers by releasing fresh and exciting slot themes from time to time. As a leading casino slot supplier, some of its most popular and thrilling slot games include Top Gun, Star Trek, Men in Black and many others. Notice that the themes are based on popular movies? Indeed, WMS Gaming prides itself on designing and creating games that can resonate with the masses, providing a holistic gaming experience for its players.

While they may not offer that many games as compared to the more seasoned companies, they beat their competitors hands down in terms of uniqueness and experiences in- game developments. For those who are interested in wanting to know more about the special features and workings of WMS, do read on the article to find out more! 

WMS gaming

WMS Gaming Special Features/Technology 

Every software developer has its own special features and in this section, I will be talking about some of the special features of WMS. While it does not have a huge offering of games, it does offer plenty of choices when it comes to both bonuses and promotions. Aside from the usual regular promotions offered to loyal players, they do pay special attention to special occasions, such as birthdays and other major events.

The amount of effort put into noticing these minor details does give players a tinge of cosiness and familiarity rather than just being a gaming platform or developer. They also have a no deposit bonus which is pretty unique. For the other online casinos and developers, they usually require you to deposit a certain amount of money and they will then match up to that amount as bonuses, not for WMS. They hold strongly to the principle that the customers’ interests should always be prioritized and hence their no- deposit bonus gives new players a chance to try out their games without the risk of losing money.

For slots fans, rejoice because WMS slots always contain a range of features that are built-in with a generous bonus structure. Moreover, their slot machines come with stunning graphics and new releases allowing players to have a scintillating experience.

WMS Support and Security 

One of my criteria in selecting a trustworthy online casino is customer support. In this aspect, WMS Gaming definitely makes the cut. They have guaranteed that every element of their products are supported 24 hours, 7 days a week for the entire year. Furthermore, their support team comprises of highly skilled industry professionals with relatively quick response times.

I was unlucky to have experienced a glitch during one of my plays due to my internet connection. However, it was resolved in less than 15 minutes and I was able to get a refund back! Another criterion when selecting an online casino is to ensure that they have the means of preventing fraud since it is a recurring problem in the industry. WMS pride themselves on being robust, certified, and secure products. Their intuitive risk management and cutting edge technological tools monitor every aspect of a gaming operation and provide automated alerts. These alerts help ensure that any suspicious activity is swiftly detected, preventing and deterring any fraudulent behaviour.

Therefore, be rest assured that it is perfectly safe when playing with WMS Gaming and just focus on playing. 

WMS Gaming Popular Games 

WMS has developed some of the world’s most popular slot games. Such games include Amazon Queen, Crystal Forest, Zeus III, Bruce Lee, and Wizard of Oz. All of these games have extremely attractive pay-outs as compared to the other game providers. As mentioned earlier, while they do not have a huge offering of games, they compensate for this gap by offering unique features and large bonuses. While they may have started off at land-based casinos, they are now going online as well.

So the aforementioned titles of slots can be found online as well and can be played free of charge, perhaps for trying out or just for fun. Players can access WMS games via their mobile devices and you enjoy the same high-level definition as if it was your computer. No software download is required, and all players are required to do is to focus on the gameplay. Other popular games include Jackpot Block Part which comes packed with a revolutionary bonus feature and the Spartacus slot features which offer a constant shower of bonus games where players get to earn attractive cash and prizes. 

What’s New? 

The operator started off as a land-based casino slot provider. However, with the development of the internet, it has transformed the operations of casinos. Increasingly, people are looking to enjoy these casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Hence, to stay afloat, there is a need to adapt to these changes. WMS Gaming has done just that. They are gradually moving towards the online world now and are integrating both land and online games, allowing players to have a surreal virtual playing experience. 


All in all, WMS Gaming is a reputable name in the online casino industry as one of the longest-lasting software providers. The key to its durability lies in the fact that it can continuously bring about valued and quality products to its players. Using its experience to their advantage, they can adapt to the constantly changing demands of the players and have also leveraged heavily on technology to meet these demands. Another ingredient to their success and longevity is prioritizing the customers’ interest. For example, their slot machines are highly sought after for their awesome bonuses and jackpots. With such a developer, players can always be assured that they are in a good position to claim some top cash rewards. Regardless of whether you are new to the online casino world, or a seasoned player, I recommend that you give WMS ago. While their generous bonuses are uncommon in the online casino world, there is nothing dubious about it as they are licensed and regulated, with a solid foundation. 

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