Even for avid online casino players, one might not be familiar with the software provider Yggdrasil. In an industry that has been dominated by a small portion of companies, it is no wonder that very few would be aware of the company Yggdrasil. However, the fact that they have been able to achieve a breakthrough in this industry, gradually gaining market share, suggests that there is something special in it.

As the new kid in the block, Yggdrasil has quickly created a name for itself having clinched several awards such as the Slots Provider of the Year 2017, Innovator of the Year 2017, and Slots Provider of the Year 2016. Established in 2013, Yggdrasil has been making waves in this cut-throat industry and has been extremely successful in securing a foothold. Various casinos now offer games developed by Yggdrasil and these games are often topping the charts of the most popular games to be played.

One of its advantages is its relatively younger team as compared to the other software developers. With that, they can better relate to the wider audiences and can adapt better to changes as well. Of course, their usage of technology has been spectacular as well. They have often been hailed for developing slots with a graphic quality akin to that of Hollywood. In this article, I will be sharing more about this company that has taken the industry by storm and is quickly establishing itself as a promising game developer. So read on to find out more!


Yggdrasil Special Features/Technology 

Every software developer has its own special features and so does Yggdrasil Games. Its best feature, in my opinion, is the visuals. There is something about the way that these games are being produced. More often than not, I found myself being captivated by the cinematic experience that these games offered rather than merely thinking of them as games.

Indeed, Yggdrasil prides itself as being able to draw the talents of some of the most creative people in the world, bring them together and develop these games from concept to operational. The amount of detail that they paid into designing every single tree and character was paid off given the short amount of time they took to establish themselves in this industry. Its entrance into the industry has caught the other major players off guard and the latter have been scrambling to get their games up to speed in terms of visual effects and gameplay.


Support and Security 

One of my criteria in selecting a trustworthy online casino is customer support. In this aspect, Yggdrasil definitely makes the cut. They have guaranteed that every element of their products are supported 24 hours, 7 days a week for the entire year. Furthermore, their support team comprises of highly skilled industry professionals with relatively quick response times.

I was unlucky to have experienced a glitch during one of my plays due to my internet connection. However, it was resolved in less than 15 minutes and I was able to get a refund back! Another criterion when selecting an online casino is to ensure that they have the means of preventing fraud since it is a recurring problem in the industry. Yggdrasil prides itself on being robust, certified, and secure products. Their intuitive risk management and cutting edge technological tools monitor every aspect of a gaming operation and provide automated alerts.

These alerts help ensure that any suspicious activity is swiftly detected, preventing and deterring any fraudulent behaviour. Therefore, be rest assured that it is perfectly safe when playing with Yggdrasil and just focus on playing.

Popular Games 

Yggdrasil has created several stunning games with sophisticated graphics and sound systems. In this section, I shall be listing my top 5 favourite games. First, based on the Rudyard Kipling classic, Jungle Books is one of the best slots to have been created in recent years. Not only are the graphics stunning, but the characters are also developed with such detail that one would be confused with the actual movie.

Every character within the game offers its own bonus features and extras, making the whole gameplay similar to that of an adventure. Second, who would not know about the story of the Beauty and the Beast, especially with the recent blockbuster remake of it? Similar to the features of Jungle Books, bonuses are pegged to different characters and based on my personal experience, it is a decent win potential.

Third, Spina Colada does not have the window dressing of the past two features. Instead, it is a pretty rudimentary slot with seemingly nothing special to it. However, upon examination, one would realize that it showcases Yggdrasil’s brilliance in ensuring that the basics are done right. Moreover, they are plenty of opportunities for big wins as well. Fourth, other than relying on popular classics, and basic slots, they have also been able to develop their own concepts and storylines as well. Styled as an epic battle between good and evil, various superheroes emerge throughout the game to battle it out, helping you with the reels as they go. Lastly, it would be a crime to exclude Vikings Go Wild for anyone who talks about Yggdrasil.

Hailed as the game that put the operator on the world map, it is a Norse themed slot, featuring sticky wilds, free spin bonuses ad in-built multipliers which makes it a pretty impressive offering.

What’s New? 

The company is currently continuing its strategy of winning customers over with their scintillating graphics and gameplay. At the forefront of this new wave of prioritizing the gaming experience of players, other game developers have lots to catch up on. They were also the first to go all-in on HTML5. This creates an integrated gambling experience that allows games to run on just about any modern device – be it PC, laptop, or mobile devices.


All in all, while Yggdrasil remains relatively new in the online casino gaming developer industry, it has quickly solidified its position as one of the key software providers. Their wide offering of online games, supported by cutting edge technologies resulting in superb quality graphics and sound systems are not to be missed. Regardless of whether you are new to the online casino world, or a seasoned player, I recommend that you give Yggdrasil ago. Besides, their generous bonuses are uncommon in the online casino world. There is nothing dubious about it because they are licensed, regulated with a solid foundation.

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