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As a player, you might decide not to reveal your identity because of different reasons. The reasons could be a personal one. It might be due to security or legal reasons. Irrespective of your reason for gambling at anonymous casinos, you will always find a top-rated site that protects your identity.

What do we mean by Anonymous non UK casinos? As the name implies, they are gambling sites that do not reveal the identity of players. In other words, you can play, deposit, and withdraw from these gaming sites with complete anonymity.  These casinos are crypto-friendly. They accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.  

Top Anonymous Online Casinos







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  • Loyalty Club

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What are Anonymous Casinos?

Players should note that Bitcoin payment is almost impossible to intercept, hack, or track.  Some of the reasons for this is that they are entirely private and instantaneous. In addition, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regulated, owned, or controlled by any financial institution, independent organization, or an individual as it is decentralized.  

Therefore, players who do not want to divulge their details should take advantage of crypto-friendly non gamstop casino sites.  Also, players won’t be required to supply any of your data when you visit an anonymous online casino.

Such No KYC registration processes is against the norms at the regular casinos, where you will be asked to enter your personal details when creating an account.  Some casinos will even ask for a copy of your passport or other means of identification.  

anonymous casinos

If you are cautious about divulging your personal details, then it about time you give an anonymous online casino a try.  You will enjoy the full features of these gambling sites without disclosing any of your personal information.  

Important to know about Anonymous Casinos

It is worth mentioning that anonymous casino payment is becoming prevalent in the United Kingdom. This has made it possible for players to deposit and cash out their winning from a gambling site without any link to the players’ identity.   

In this article, we are going to explain the essential things that you need to know about these casinos.  You will understand their essential features, types, as well as the pros and cons that come with their use.  

Features of Anonymous Online Casinos 

The best anonymous online betting sites not on gamstop share some crucial features that are worth mentioning. These features will help players to select one of the safest and most reliable gambling sites.  In this section, we will be updating you with the characteristics that an anonymous gambling site should possess.  Here are the features that you should expect from any anonymous gambling site. 

Cryptocurrency payment 

Through Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies, players can make payments and withdrawal anonymously from a gambling site. Therefore, anonymous casinos offer crypto as part of their payment and withdrawal options.  The advantage of crypto-friendly casinos is that they come with generous bonuses. 

No ID verification 

Another essential quality of anonymous online casinos is that you won’t be asked to provide your means of identification during the registration at a no verification casino. Regular casinos will demand your ID before you are allowed to make withdrawals.

Accepts any gambler 

One of the qualities of anonymous foreign casinos is that they do not restrict players.  They accept all players regardless of their geographical locations. Players who have self-excluded themselves by registering on Gamstop can sign up, deposit, and play their favorite games on some of these gambling platforms. This shows that some of the no ID online casinos are not in partnership with Gamstop.

Mobile-friendly applications and websites 

This is an essential feature of all no ID gaming platforms. Their websites can be accessed on mobile devices. This feature is of great advantage for players who prefer to play while on the move. It enables them to gamble anonymously at any time and in any location. Bear in mind that mobile casinos are of two kinds, there are full app version and mobile-optimized website.  You can download the mobile casino app at the App Store and Google Play Store for Apple and Android devices, respectively.

Licensed by Curacao eGaming.

Licensing is one of the essential features of a gambling website. It ensures the fairness and reliability of these sites. Curacao is a licensing authority that enables gambling sites to operate in other countries of the world.  

Payment Types at Anonymous Online Gambling Sites 

The first step you need to take when making payment online is to check through the available banking options. This will allow you to know if you can process your payment safely and anonymously. That is, you must be able to ascertain the ability to make deposits and withdrawals without letting out your data.

This means that the casino sites must accept cryptocurrency and other payment means that favor anonymity. In this section, we will be examining the types of anonymous online gambling sites that you can give a try.  

Bitcoin Casinos 

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that is widely accepted all over the world second only to credit card casinos. And, it is at the forefront when it comes to anonymous payment.  All over the globe, Bitcoin is the most recognized cryptocurrency.

You can pay Bitcoin via crypto wallet where you will exchange this crypto for EUR, GBP, or USD.   Therefore, Bitcoin casinos are part of the best anonymous casinos around the world.  

Bitcoin Cash Casinos 

Bitcoin cash can be used exactly like Bitcoin. However, its value is not the same as Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash casinos allow you to make payments using this cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Casinos 

It will interest you to learn that the second popular currency in the whole world is Ethereum. Apart from its popularity, it is widely accepted by a good number of gambling sites.

Ethereum is usually included in online casinos offering a wide array of anonymous payment methods. Players should, however, bear in mind that this crypto has a lesser value when compared to Bitcoin.

Paysafecard Casinos 

Paysafecard is an anonymous payment method that is not a cryptocurrency. Paysafecard casinos offer 100 percent privacy to players who want to gamble anonymously. Furthermore, it is a reliable and convenient method of payment, and it is readily available on most betting sites.  To deposit via this payment option, you need to purchase a voucher and supply a one-time code. 

Litecoin Casinos 

Litecoin is another well-known cryptocurrency. It comes after Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to value and acceptability.  Litcoin casinos enable you to make anonymous payments and also allow you to exchange your Litcoin for British Pounds.

Pros and Cons of Anonymous Online Casino Sites 

Opting for a no ID online casinos comes with numerous advantages. Apart from the apparent reasons which are anonymous gambling, it offers other benefits like safe and fast payment, generous promotional offers, and many more. Furthermore, these casino sites are easier to join because you do not need to go through the rigors of supply all your details before betting the site. The fact that players will not undergo any verification process makes it comfortable and preferable to many players. 

However, these anonymous casino sites come with some drawbacks.  In this section, we are going to highlight the merits and demerits that comes with gambling on a no ID gambling site. Here are the highlights of the pros and cons of no ID gaming sites: 


  • Safe and Convenient 
  • Protects players’ identity 
  • Saves time 
  • Convenient payment method 
  • Ideal for players who prefers exotic brands 


  • Might need to submit any document to make massive withdrawals
  • Non-UKG Licensed brand 


Anonymous casino websites are designed to give you access to their wide range of games and features without having to supply your details. These sites are safe to use, as most of these sites are encrypted.

Apart from protecting the identity of players, the gambling site features convenient and fast banking options.  Other advantages of these platforms are reliability and fair play. We have also examined the various types of no ID online casinos available for players. Some of the gambling sites considered are Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin cash casinos, Ethereum Casinos, Paysafecard casinos, among others. Also, the websites feature a wide array of games as well as generous promotional offers.