Bingo Sites not on Gamstop

By Michael Volton, Last Updated23rd May 2024

Although it hasn’t enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the world, there is no doubt that online bingo is incredibly popular in the UK. However, as the region has the Gamstop exclusion service in place, it is no wonder why in recent years, the number of online bingo sites not on Gamstop has risen. As many will know, signing up to the Gamstop service makes it difficult to access gambling activities such as bingo. Fortunately, there are many bingo sites not on Gamstop in the UK so registered players can continue to enjoy the game that they love.

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List of Bingo not on Gamstop







  • New Casino

  • Sports Betting

  • Live Dealer

  • Not on Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply 



  • New Casino

  • Cards Accepted

  • Loyalty Club

18+ | T&C Apply 



  • New in January

  • Cards Accepted

  • Sports Betting

18+ | T&C Apply 



  • New in December

  • Visa Accepted

  • Reload Bonus

18+ | T&C Apply 



  • New in June

  • Visa Accepted

  • Sports Betting

18+ | T&C Apply 



  • New Casino

  • Massive Welcome Bonus

  • Not on Gamstop

18+ | T&C Apply 

The Red Lion



  • Complete Casino

  • Massive Welcome Bonus

  • Not on Gamstop

5 Star

18+ | T&C Apply 

Bingo sites4
Top SiteMr Big Wins
Max. Bonus750% Up To £7000 – NonStop Casino
Bingo sitesDesktop, Mobile, Tablet, New brands, Live Dealer
PaymentBank Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, Vouchers

Best Bingo Sites for UK

Below is a list of the best bingo sites that aren’t blocked by gamstop:

Here is a short review of each of these bingo halls in more detail:

1. NonStop Casino Bingo

NonStop Casino bingo is our bingo operator of choice. The array of games on offer is one of the greatest on the market, and the site looks after its players exceptionally well, with regard to bonuses and customer care.

A big selection of bingo games, keno and lotto makes this site the most popular bingo site that we found sofar. This bingo site isn’t registered with gamstop but offers exceptional entertainment.

The welcome programme is also very healthy for new players:

  • 750% bonus up to £ 7000

You can read a full NonStop Casino review here

2. Mr Big Wins Bingo

Mr Big Wins Casino has a bingo offering to rival many of it’s non gamestop competitors. The site comes with 63 different bingo games, the most we saw so far online. Furthermore, its welcome offering is one of the best listed, with a three deposit promotion available to all new players:

The site is incredibly friendly and allows players to learn their way around with a demo on almost all games.

Visit Mr Big Wins review here




New non Gamstop Bingo

3. Lady Linda Bingo

Whilst Lady Linda is a new operator, they have already added a bingo offering to their typical casino products.

A 300% UP TO £1000 bonus is on offer, which also entices the player into the slots section too, with the offer of 120 free spins.

What really sets Lady Linda Bingo apart, however, is the array of deposit options available to the bingo player. At Lady Linda, some of the payment methods include, but aren’t restricted to:

  • Credit Card
  • E-Wallet
  • Cryptocurrencies

This casino operator is one of the very best on the market.

You can read a full Lady Linda review here

4. Harry’s Casino

Saving our favourite until last, Harrys Casino is our bingo operator of choice for non gamstop players. The host of software providers that run their back-end is market-leading and includes some of the most popular on the market:

Bingo not on gamstop
  • NetEnt
  • Novomatic
  • IGT
  • Playtech
  • Amatic
  • EGT Original

Furthermore, their bingo welcome bonus is excellent too. At Harry’s Casino there is a 300% matched deposit bonus on offer for deposits up to €2,500, just by joining.

A casino licensed in Curacao, Harry’s isn’t regulated by the UKGC, so it’s a perfect alternative for bingo players who have self-excluded.

You can read a full Harrys Casino review here

Bingo not on Gamstop Product Offering

Just as the number of bingo sites without Gamstop has risen, so too have live casinos. Those who already access these options will know that live casinos offer players the best of both worlds as they can access a real-life game from the comfort of their homes. It is possible to even play live bingo and this is an activity that is offered by many UK bingo sites not on Gamstop. In live bingo, players can watch the croupier pull the balls themselves, rather than relying on the computer to do it. This builds trust with many players, as humans are viewed as more credible than software.

Although bingo is an easy game to understand, there are many different varieties that might surprise some players. The most popular variant of the game in the UK uses 90 balls, and this is true in most other parts of the world considering that 90-ball bingo is the most famous version of the game. In this game, the Full House winner needs to cover all 3 lines on their card. While 90-ball bingo is popular, in the US, another variation is played using 75 balls instead. This is the dominant bingo game in North America and players can win by completing a predetermined pattern on their cards.

non UK bingo

Players will be happy to learn it’s possible to play with 30 and 80 balls too. There are also different ways of playing bingo, such as pattern bingo. This is not unlike the original game but in this variant, players have to make patterns with their numbers and these patterns can include:

  • Centre Row
  • 4×4 Block
  • Wine Glass
  • Windmill

Situations have happened where players miss a bingo as they try to make their patterns, so those who are interested in the game should ensure that they pay attention. Fortunately, pattern bingo is one of many variants available at non Gamstop bingo sites.

The product offerings are made possible by the relevant software providers, so it’s important that you’re looking out for As most will know, bingo games are made possible thanks to software providers, who try to create the best games possible. However, some more unscrupulous providers don’t provide great experiences so players should take caution to look for reputable providers when playing on a bingo site that is not on Gamstop. In the UK, the best options seem to be Playson, Betsoft, Rival and RTG.

Non Gamstop Bingo sites Bonuses

Online bingo is increasing in popularity which has meant that operators have needed to establish strong acquisition and retention programmes to demonstrate market leadership. Given how many competitors are out there, bingo operators realise that they need strong Non Gamstop Bingo sites Bonuses to attract customers. Taking this into account, here are some of the most popular UK bingo bonuses:

Matched Deposit

This is a bonus that is common in gambling, but it’s rarer to see in bingo. Some sites do still offer it though and this bonus works by giving players a bonus of the full amount of their initial deposit, though this typically comes with wagering requirements.

Incremental Bonus

Unlike matched deposits, this is bonus is more widely used when concerning bingo. This means that this bonus should be offered when looking for online bingo not on Gamstop. It is similar to matched deposits in that users deposit and receive a bonus back but in this case, this bonus is only a percentage of the original amount.

Free tickets

On the surface level, getting free tickets to participate in bingo without gambling might seem like a fun idea, but these often come with massive wagering requirements and low maximum withdrawal limits. So while some might enjoy playing without the danger of losing money, this bonus will not appeal to all.

Cross-Product Bonus

A clever way that casinos get people to play more games is by offering them cross-product bonuses. This means that after someone plays their first bingo game, they can then be offered free spins on a specific slot game. It is clear how this would help bring in new players as well as how it enables casinos to cross-sell to existing players.

Online Bingo Device Types

Like with most other gambling products, online bingo is available on many different platforms including mobiles, laptops and computers. For those looking for bingo not on Gamstop, this is no different as the sites use the same technology as those casinos that are signed up to Gamstop. To get an idea of the kind of devices used, here are some of the most popular devices that people use to play bingo.


There is no doubt that this is the most popular way to play bingo. Many people likely have a computer in their homes, which is why it is one of the most popular devices.


This is a rising method of gambling and has been growing for the last few years. These days, everything is done via our phones so it is no wonder why many people enjoy accessing bingo from their phones.

Embedded Play

Most people will have used embedded play before, but not been able to put a name to the process. This is where users access can access bingo in a separate window when playing another product such as a casino or sportsbook.

Bingo Sites Statistics

  • According to the UK Gambling Commission, online bingo is the most popular game played by UK consumers every year. That same body has outlined a number of key facts on bingo, each of which have been outlined below:
  • There are 700,000 consumers who enjoy the game each year
  • 67% of players are female, versus just. 33% male
  • The most popular area in the UK is the North-West of England
  • Active bingo players will spend an average of £250 each year enjoying the game

The latter bullet point indicates the importance of a non gamstop offering for bingo players.

UK Bingo Casinos Patterns

One thing that bingo will always depend on is patterns, which is what players need to make if they hope to win. The excitement in bingo comes from the fact that anyone can win as the patterns can be unpredictable, not to mention the different game variations that enhance the fun of bingo.

Those who frequently play will know that there are standard and crazy bingo patterns, and all of them are usually offered on online bingo sites. Some people prefer playing with crazy patterns such as the diamond, crazy L, or triple stamp as this makes the game more exciting. On the other hand, some people prefer standard patterns that are familiar with such as the horizontal line, vertical line, diagonal line, corners only, or 4 corners.

Of course, many bingo sites might offer some extreme patterns to entice the bingo faithful to play. Usually, the more complex the pattern, the higher the amount of money that can be won. Given this, many bingo players have fallen in love with these newer versions of bingo. When playing bingo, people should always remember to be cautious of their spending. As the game can be exciting, it is easy to get carried away and this is especially true when playing on non-Gamstop sites given the fewer limits that exist on these options.

Pros and Cons of online Bingo Sites

As with any gambling product, bingo sites not blocked by gamstop come with advantages and disadvantages to a player who has self-excluded. We have listed them below, all in one place, for ease of viewing:

Advantages of playing Bingo on non Gamestop Bingo

Exclusive bonuses and promotions

These kinds of bingo sites generally offer better bonuses and promotions compared to standard bingo sites. This applies to both acquisition and retention promotions too, meaning that new and old players will find something to enjoy.

Created for different types of players

Non-Gamstop bingo sites are created for those who are registered with Gamstop, but there are services in other countries that act in the same way that Gamstop does. As foreign players can also access these sites, they are suitable for all kinds of players, no matter where they are.

No Gamstop

Of course, the main benefit of playing at non-Gamstop bingo sites is that they are not partnered with Gamstop. This is incredibly useful for those who have registered for the service but have since got into a better situation and changed their minds.

Disadvantages of Bingo sites not covered by gamstop

No ‘must-have’ options

Many will be aware that there are some positives to playing at a UK-licenced bingo site. For example, they are required to have some quality of life features such as live chat and maximum withdrawal times. Non-Gamstop sites, although able to have these features, are not encouraged by an external organisation.

Lack of regular deposit options

Everyone appreciates having access to a range of the most popular payment methods. Players can find exactly this on standard bingo sites, but this won’t be the case on non-Gamstop examples.

Lower offering of game types

When the selection of games between non-Gamstop and traditional bingo sites are compared, it is easy to see which one comes out on top. Unfortunately, non-Gamstop sites have a smaller offering of the bingo games that people are used to, and those who access one of these sites after signing up to Gamstop will realise that the options are less impressive.

How to Claim a Bonus at Non-Gamstop Sites?

Bingo has become more popular in the UK thanks to the advent of online gambling. While people used to have to travel to bingo halls, the same experience is now accessible from their homes. There are also some befits to this, such as the possibility of bonuses and promotions.

Here’s how to claim your Bingo bonus

In online bingo, players can win bonuses when playing bingo which they can then use later. Additionally, some bingo games include bonuses as part of the winnings. They can vary from free games, points, credits and more. Essentially, these bonuses will all help to enhance players’ experiences and make their money work better for them.

On some bingo sites, people don’t even have to claim their bonus as they can sometimes be added automatically to players’ balances upon receiving them. Of course, for bonuses such as free games, these will need to be claimed at an allotted time. Players should remember that the type of bonus will inform how it is claimed, as not all are automatically added to players’ accounts. On bingo sites that aren’t on Gamstop, there are more bonuses to access which means that players should have a better time on these sites.

How to Pick the Best Online Bingo Sites not Registered with Gamstop

If players are looking for bingo options that aren’t on Gamstop, they will need to be more cautious when deciding what site to play on. This is because they are not advertised and some options can be dangerous to play at. This is why players must always carry out their own research before depositing money at one of these options. Here is a guide for players to start with.

Non Gamstop bingo group chat

Bingo is one of the more social gambling activities, and many top websites will have a group chat feature where players can talk to each other. As non-Gamstop players have a reputation for disrespect, it might prove useful to find an example of an operator that provides the group chat feature on their bingo site.


As already aforementioned, non-Gamstop bingo sites don’t have the best selection of games, especially compared to standard options. This is why those who are looking for non-Gamstop bingo sites should choose the options that have the most available games.

Player modes

In online bingo, there are usually two variations – single-mode and hybrid mode. People will be happy to learn that both are available at online casino sites. Single-mode means that players’ funds are not pooled with others whilst hybrid mode gives players the option of doing so. When looking for a site to play on, it will prove useful for players to check if they have both modes available.


By now, many will know that non-Gamstop bingo sites typically offer far better bonuses than what can be found at traditional options. For those who have registered with Gamstop, this is great news as it means they can resume gambling and get access to great promotions too. Given this, people should always look at what kind of promotions they can get when looking for new options.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The reasons for playing at non-Gamstop bingo sites should be apparent to most. While Gamstop is a useful service that helps people avoid becoming addicted to gambling, sites that partner with the service can lead to a worse gambling experience. This is because many non-Gamstop bingo sites have fewer restrictions and limits on bingo games, deposited money and time spent on the site.

Since they will be playing at no limit casino games, they can do easy instant deposits.

What amount can I deposit?

Just like traditional bingo sites, non-Gamstop bingo sites also allow people to deposit instantly and begin playing. However, as these sites are not with Gamstop, players largely have control of how much they want to spend, offering an enhanced gambling experience that many would likely prefer. Of course, this freedom comes with the responsibility to practice safe gambling, as there are fewer safety barriers in place.

Top Bingo Variations

It has already been mentioned that many different kinds of bingo play differently from the game that most might be familiar with. This is a good thing though as it means that gameplay never gets stale. Apart from the regular online bingo that is played with 80 balls, players can also access speed bingo with 30 balls, fixed jackpot Bingo, blackout bingo, bingo tournaments and bingo slot machines. As bingo games pickings are less impressive on non-Gamstop bingo sites, people will want to choose an option that has the biggest selection of games possible.

How can I unlock more bingo games?

On online gambling sites, people will be aware that typically, games are not locked and all the available games on a site can be played straight away. However, non-Gamstop bingo sites will likely not have many variations of bingo available to them. The only way to explore a bigger selection is to play bingo at a site that is registered with Gamstop.

Should I Play Bingo not on Gamstop?

Bingo has long been enjoyed by many, but the development of technology has made it so that most people now play bingo online. While those who are registered on Gamstop can still access the activity, there will be many wondering whether they should play on non-Gamstop bingo sites or not. Given this, there are a couple of things to consider before playing bingo on one of these sites.

The main advantage of playing at non-Gamstop bingo sites is that there are no limitations regarding the type of games that people can play. IN addition to this, there are no limits on how much people can spend, so if gamblers want to go big, they can. Just like traditional bingo sites, players can also decide on which payment method they would like to use as well as play on any device they desire. The case can be made that non-Gamstop bingo sites are more fun to play at, but players should always be aware that they also come with the danger of financial ruin for those who can’t control themselves.

Here is what you should consider before playing Bingo:

So, what are the advantages of playing in sites not on Gamstop? The main thing that players get from playing in bingo sites not on Gamstop is that they can play all the games that the site is offering. There are no limitations with the types of games that they can play. Also, there are no limits as to how much they want to spend on the games.

Players can also choose on different payment options when depositing and withdrawing from the site. And lastly, players on bingo sites not on Gamstop can play the bingo games on any device they want.

These sites not on Gamstop offers a lot of advantages but it is important that they know how to control their betting and spending so they will not get into finance problems in the future. 

What Happens After I Register with Gamstop?

Those who register with Gamstop will find themselves unable to bet or access most of the UK’s casinos and sportsbooks. Before doing this, they will be required to provide some information about themselves:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Period of self-exclusion
    • 6 months
    • 1 year
    • 5 years

These details will then be passed on to UKGC operators who use the information to exclude that person from their services. After the self-exclusion period has expired, Gamstop will be in touch to advise of this and will also ask if the gambler would like to extend or deactivate it. It is important to note that from the end of the period, operators will always know what players have been part of the scheme as the aforementioned personal information is held.

Why Are Bingo Sites Joining Gamstop UK?

This is a valid question, given that partnering with Gamstop would mean that operators lose money due to fewer customers accessing their services. However, thankfully, operators realise that problem gambling is a bad thing as well as debt. Partnering with Gamstop allows those operators to do their part and help those who need it the most. More selfishly though, joining Gamstop certainly improves the image of a site as it is considered the right thing to do. Also, those who see the Gamstop logo on a bingo site will know that it is a safe option to play at.

Some imagine a future where self-restriction software is mandatory for all gambling sites. Until this time comes, there is no doubt that joining Gamstop can only be a good thing, both for operators and players.

More reasons UK players should join non gamstop bingo sites:

Another reason for joining is that being on Gamstop improves the reputation and image of the site. It appears that sites that are on Gamstop are more trusted by online gamers. And also, there will be a time when self-restriction software will be mandatory not just in bingo sites but in other online gambling sites. 

Other reasons depend on the decision of the bingo sites. But whatever the reasons for joining are, the aim of Gamstop is for the good of the online bingo gamers.

The Future of Bingo not Registered with Gamstop

The future of Gamstop is hard to predict, but it is clear that there are some concerns within the gambling industry that the scheme could be rolled out across non-UKGC licensed operators. This could be in either the current format or a completely different one. This means that some of the brands that we’ve reviewed including Jackpot Charm, Triumph, Agent Spins and Leo Monaco may only be available to Gamstop registered players for a short period, though this is still unconfirmed.

Given this notion, licensing bodies such as Curacao may be looking for ways to protect those who have self-excluded themselves. There is also a possibility that different self-0eclusion databases could be merged into one, which would then be shared between the relevant world organisations.

Gamstop and Bingo in the News

Following the lockdowns that occurred all over the world, we have put together a complete overlook at how Gamstop is affecting online gambling, an activity that has seen near-immeasurable growth in recent years. Online bingo has been in the news thanks to the rising awareness of Gamstop, which might also suggest why more people are now playing bingo.

Safe Bingo Games

As the industry grows and more information about online bingo and other gambling activities appears in the news, it is becoming increasingly important that players make sure they access safe bingo games. Those who play on traditional bingo sites are already ensuring that they remain safe, as the combination of Gamstop and other restrictions means that players do not feel tempted to gamble with money they cannot afford to lose.


Online Bingo not on Gamstop FAQ

Are there any online Bingo sites not part of Gamstop?

Many bingo sites aren’t on Gamstop, as seen in our list. As non-Gamstop bingo sites do not get their license from the UK, this means that they are able to provide online bingo to people, even those that are registered with Gamstop.

What are the advantages of playing Non Gamstop Bingo?

There are many advantages associated with playing at non-Gamstop bingo sites. Some of these include incredible welcome bonuses, which always helps players to do more with their money. Users can also get access to the newest international games given the location of the sites.

What are the Drawbacks of Bingo non Gamstop?

When things go wrong on bingo sites that are monitored by the UKGC, it is easy to make an appeal and get an adequate resolution. However, with non-Gamstop bingo sites, this process can take much longer as players will need to turn to the relevant license authority, which will likely be in a different country.

Can I find online bingo not with Gamstop?

In the UK, there are strict regulations that mean those who are registered with Gamstop cannot access UKGC gambling sites. However, the same regulations do not apply to non-Gamstop bingo sites, so players can easily access these options if they want to play bingo.

Is it secure and safe to play at these Bingo websites?

If players do the required amount of research, then non-Gamstop bingo sites are perfectly safe to play at. To ensure player safety, users can look at our list above for examples of non-Gamstop bingo sites that are secure and provide an excellent gambling experience.