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By Michael Volton, Last Updated September 20, 2020

Number of Casinos to bypass gamstop 22
Top SiteLionel Bets
Ways around Gamstop5
Can I cancel Gamstop?No
Advantages of going round gamstop3+
Number of months gamstop lasts6, 12, 36

A lot of players have registered to Gamstop without making up their minds for it. So, they seek ways to get around the scheme not long after they had self-excluded themselves from gambling activities.  Fortunately, for players looking for “How to get around Gamstop?” there several gambling sites that fit the bil; therefore, Gamstop users can sign up on these sites to play their favorite non gamstop bingo games, Slots, and any other game. 

Players will find that non Gamstop casinos offer a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience that is not different from what you get at any top-rated casinos in partnership with the scheme.

casinos not on gamstop

Gamstop scheme is designed to help you overcome gambling addiction. It allows gamers to stop their gambling activities for a specified period, ranging from six months to five years.  Furthermore, you can easily register by visiting the official website of the scheme and supply all the required details. 


If you have been coaxed or forced to register with Gamstop and are looking for ways to bet on your favorite casino games and sports without raising any suspicion, you are on the right page.  This article will take you through some methods by which you can beat the self-exclusion program. 

  • How to get around Gamstop?
  • Top Casinos to help you Bypass Gamstop
  • 5 Ways to get past gamstop
  • Advantages of stopping gamstop




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Five Ways to Get Around Gamstop

gamstop FAQ

The good news is that there are risk-free and straightforward ways to beat the self-exclusion scheme. As mentioned before, many gamers have been pressured into registering with the program. Some players registered after suffering a significant loss; so, they don’t give it a second thought.  If you are looking for ways to get around Gamstop after you have registered on the scheme, you need to note the tips we are about to share now.

The proven ways to get over Gamstop self-exclusion include:

Register on a Casino that is not in Partnership with Gamstop

As stated earlier, several top-ranking gambling sites accept Gamstop users. All you need to do is to shop for these gaming destinations. This is by far the most straightforward way to beat self-exclusion since it only requires looking for online casinos that are not registered with gamstop.

It is essential, however, that you take cognizance of some crucial factors when choosing your preferred non Gamstop sites from different websites available.  Some of the features that you should consider are licensing, reputation, payment providers, and bonus offers. 

Join a Gambling site that not require ID Verification

Another proven way to circumvent Gamstop is by signing up at a gambling site that does not require KYC verification.  These online casinos allow you to bet anonymously as you make payments and withdrawals without ID verification.  Bitcoin casinos are ideal gambling sites that will enable players to get past the self-exclusion scheme. 

Use someone else’s details to bypass Gamstop.

You can use the details of your friend or family to register on any gambling site as they won’t be blocked because Gamstop only stops players by their names on its database. If you are using this method, then you have to avoid KYC or AML procedure by registering on a no ID required casino.

Visit an offline gambling site (Land-based casino)

Land-based casinos are not under the control of Gamstop; so, you can beat the scheme by playing at a land-based gambling venue. 

Wait till the expiration of your self-ban

If you are an addicted punter, then it is advisable to wait till the end of your self-exclusion period. The self-ban duration ranges from 6 months to 5 years.

Advantages of Getting Around Gamstop

In this section, we will examine the benefits that come with getting around the self-exclusion scheme. Below are some of the advantages of circumventing Gamstop:

It enables you to shop for top brands

Players who have registered on the Gamstop usually take their time to look for a trustworthy and reliable gambling site. Many gamers come across top-ranking non Gamstop Casino brands in the process. These gambling sites come with myriads of advantages, including vast game selection, attractive reward programs, top-rated payment providers, robust security, and many others.

It offers an additional source of income. 

Another advantage that comes with getting around Gamstop is that it provides an extra stream of income. Non Gamstop betting sites provide higher payout rates which are of great benefit to players who bet on such websites.

Disadvantages of Beating Gamstop

Despite its advantages, getting around Gamstop comes with a few demerits.  Some of the problems of circumventing Gamstop include:

  • It increases debt
  • It makes gambling addiction worse


At first when Gamstop UK was launched as a nonprofit there was no way around it as all casinos operating inside the UK were obligated to sign up or risk losing their gambling license. It took less than two months for Non UK casinos to take advantage of this and start offering their products to UK players.

As these gambling sites hold a respected license and are not bound by the UKGC they provide a perfect option for UK players to continue gambling online ever though they are registered to Gamestop.

Aside from joining such a casino, above we listed the most common ways UK players can continue gambling after self excluding.

Finally, below are the most common questions UK players find themselves facing when looking for additional ways to bypass or cancel gamstop.


UK players looking to get around gamstop and continue playing at Bet365 or Betfair are out of luck. The two online caisnos are under the UKGC and carry a UK gambling license and are forced to sign up to gamstop. Therefor, the options are either to wait until your gambling self-exclusion period expires or select one of the safe brands listed above in order to continue betting online even though you are registered to gamstop.

It is highly advised that you do so after considering the reasons why you joined gamstop in the first place. If you suffer from a gambling addiction it is not advised to look for ways to continue playing after you have signed up. How ever, if you are sure you can control your finance and gambling you may chose one of the casinos around gamstop selected and verified by our casino experts and listed above.

The methods above will help you break from gambling without needing to self-exclude as you can always stop yourself from playing at a casino that is signed up to gamstop but as soon as you want to play again – sign up to one of the casinos on this page.


1) Is there a way around Gamstop?

Yes, there are several ways to beat the self-exclusion scheme. We have explained five simple ways to get around Gamstop; they include registering on non Gamstop casino, taking advantage of bitcoin casinos, using someone else’s details, and others.

2) How to Gamble with Gamstop?

All you need to do is locate a gambling site not covered by the self-exclusion scheme.  Also, you can register on a platform that does not require KYC verification.

3) Can I unregister from Gamstop?

The simplest way out of Gamstop self-ban is to wait for the self-exclusion period to elapse as it is difficult to undo Gamstop.  If you can’t wait for your self-exclusion period to end, register on any reliable gambling site that is not registered with the scheme.

4) Will Gamstop work if I change my name/address?

No, changing your address or name won’t undo Gamstop. Note that your details are stored in Gamstop’s database; therefore, changing the address or name will not work. Your account might be suspended permanently if you try to change your details.

5) How long does Gamstop last?

The self-exclusion period ranges from six months to five years. The duration options include six months, one year, and five years.


If you are a Gamstop user looking for simple ways to get around the self-exclusion program, consider the tips given above.  You should also endeavor to weigh the pros and cons of circumventing the scheme as this will enable you to make a wise decision. 

About the Author: Michael Volton

Michael J. Volton is one of thebestcasinos creators. Spending over 16 years in the gaming world from both player, operator, legal and some years in different iGaming commissions he is one of the top UK casino experts. As someone who has been cheated out of over  £10,000 at a scam unregulated casino Michael has made it one of his mission to help other players who are looking for ways around gamstop to still play at safe online casinos. Protection Status

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