Horse Racing Not On Gamstop

By Michael Volton, last updated 15/11/2022

Non Gamstop sportsbooks and casinos allow you to bet more, with better limits, fewer KYC procedures, and better betting bonuses.

Horse Racing Not on Gamstop

These websites are not licensed in the UK, but they can have betting licenses of other countries. Curaçau’s gaming license is a popular one for this kind of website.

Let’s learn more about the dos and don’ts in the world of online horse racing bets

How to Place a Bet on a Horse Racing Site

Finding a good site to bet on horse races outside the UKGC sphere of influence couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is check some of the reviews of our team, as they are constantly reviewing for you the situation of the best horse racing sites in the world.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing

After you chose a good site and bonus offer, all you have to do is register your account. After that, it’s time to deposit some funds into your new gaming account.

If you deposit funds using the correct bonus code and you meet the terms and conditions of that bonus, you will also earn extra funds to bet, have fun and go for the big win that you’ve been dreaming about!

Top Sites for Horse Racing Not On Gamstop

Choosing the right site is essential for ensuring a smooth betting experience, and different sites may have a different selection of races to choose from with the best having the most selection. We’ve curated a list of sites that offer a fantastic selection for horse racing not on gamstop.

Anonym Bet

Anonym Bet Casino

Despite being a newer name in the casino world having only launched back in 2021, Anonym Bet has developed a reputation of being a world class online casino but also one that offers some great opportunities for fans looking to bet on racing. The site’s live racing category is split into two sections for Horse Racing and for Greyhounds, whichever the player prefers.

Check out Anonym Bet here

Harry’s Casino

Harry's Casino

Harry’s is another established name amongst casino players having also launched quite recently, back in 2020, with a large range of casino games and a very modern aesthetic. With live racing options also including Horse Racing and Greyhounds, Harry’s Casino offers the option for players to stream the horse racing directly through the site.

Check out Harry’s here

SlotsNBets Casino

SlotsNBets Casino

As the name would suggest, SlotsNBets has grown a reputation for offering a wide range of casino services alongside plenty of betting options in a large number of sporting events – this also includes both Horse Racing and Greyhounds too with a bonus aimed specifically at players looking to bet too.

Check out SlotsNBets here

Betting Safely with Offshore Horse Race Sites

There are offshore horse race sites that have no license at all, which means the operators can vanish with the money of the bettors without leaving traces.

However, there are horse racing sites that are quite safe and operate with licenses that are not issued by the UK Gambling Commission. Our reviewers will help you find the best options to place bets safely and make the most of your betting funds by multiplying your money with bonuses and boosted odds.

How International Horse Sites Work

The international sites have multiple versions including British English. They usually offer real-time support in British English that is active during UK business hours. Moreover, quality customer support agents are expected to speak decent British English.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing

These websites offer odds for international horse races like Royal Ascot and the Kentucky Derby, for example.

Much smaller races are also available, including ‘everyday races’ in countries like Australia and Ireland, for example.

Think about how things work with other sports: everyone can bet on the matches of Wimbledon, even if the bookie is licensed in the Caribbean or Asia, for example.

KYC at UKGC Horse Racing Sites

A downside of the UKGC-regulated websites is how rigid KYC policies can be. These days, at some gambling houses and exchanges, you can’t even deposit money and start betting before proving your identity as well as tax residency.

Moreover, there’s another boring process these days, the affordability checks. The government means well as they try to combat problematic gaming, but the truth is this one-size-fits-all policy annoys lots of responsible bettors too.

In international betting sites, these KYC procedures are limited to combating money laundering, that is, the houses just want to know the origin of the funds in the international financial systems, not if you can afford a particular level of horse race betting stakes.

Downsides of Non Gamstop Horse Racing Bookmakers

Some methods to upload money into your gaming account as well as withdrawing horse racing betting profits may not be available. Paypal is a famous example of that situation.

However, there are opinions including credit and debit cards that can allow safe deposits and withdrawals of funds to and from your offshore horse racing betting account.

UKGC and Foreign Websites

The UKGC may be a helping hand when it comes to the arbitration of disputes between problematic gambling houses and clients.

However, if you do the homework and choose trustable online horse racing sites, this situation won’t be a problem. But you don’t have to do that tiring homework yourself, you can call on the great free services of our casino reviewers that have decades of experience testing and recommending good non Gamstop horse racing sites.

Types of horse race bets

There are several different types of online horse race bets. You can bet on big events like Royal Ascot, as well as lesser relevant horse races.

If you bet on a specific horse, the odds will be much higher than in other sports like football, with favourite horses having odds bigger than 5.0 in the decimal odds system.

You can also bet on a horse to finish in the top 3, top 2 or top 5, for example. The odds will be proportional to the chances of the horse betting events happening, just like it happens with other forms of sports betting.

Horse racing bets v other sports

There are several similarities between horse race betting and other sports betting. That includes the way odds work, for example.

A horse racing betting odd is a number that determines the potential betting prizes of UK punters. If the odds for a specific horse winning a race are 9.0, for example, and you bet £100, you would win £900 in case that event happens.

A Royal Sport

Horse racing is a sport that is highly associated with the royal family. The Royals breed horses and they compete in prestigious British horse races like Royal Ascot.

The sport has been called the sport of the kings because of its association with royal families.

Types of horse racing bonuses

There are several types of non Gamstop horse betting bonuses. These include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, no deposit bonus, and boosted odds.

The betting experience of many punters is enhanced by massive bonuses at non gamstop sites with racing events, live streaming of horse races, and free bets in the form of bonuses.

Best Horse racing Betting Sites

Reviewers can indicate to you the best sites in the market, but your opinion counts too, as you need to test the sites yourself. International sites can be good for players at self-exclusion lists or players that value more bonuses. Gamstop customers on self-exclusion lists need to evaluate carefully what to do.

Non Gamstop Horse Racing Deposit Bonus

This type of betting bonus works in a simple way: the house gives an incentive to the bettors for them to test their services. In the past, betting bonuses were usually restricted to that, but these days, betting bonuses focused on secondary deposits are also common, and they are called reload bonuses.

Special Non Gamstop Betting Odds: Horse Racing

On some occasions, including big horse racing events like Royal Ascot, the horse racing sites will offer boosted odds to specific horses. These odds can make it much easier to profit when you bet on Non Gamstop horse racing sites.

Professional offshore betting: Non Gamstop Horse racing betting 

If you are a betting professional that makes a living off horse racing bets, you’ll love to bet using non Gamstop apps and websites.

Finding the Best horse betting site for you

There are several betting bonuses that can increase your profit margins every week, as well as bigger and sometimes inexistent betting limits.

Horse racing betting sites: Limits

The worst feeling for a professional bettor is to see the profits capped by small betting limits, but in the world of internationally licensed non Gamstop horse racing betting sites, you’ll have the room that you need to profit more and more every season.

UK Betting Sites v Foreign Online Betting Sites

Traditional UK horse racing options are regulated by the UK gambling commission. Those horse racing brands have limited freedom. They can control their relationship with the UK punters to some extent, but promotions such as welcome bonuses, free spins and free bets are restricted by the governing body.

Gambling sites are considered potentially harmful by some parts of society, and UK horse betting is no exception to this perception. Betting not on gamstop sites is way different than the experience under the protection of the gamstop betting service of self-exclusion.

Horse Racing not on Gamstop: UK national market of horse racing

UK horse betting is a part of the national online gambling market, which means UKGC horse racing bet sites are under scrutiny too. Betting options, however, are not limited to the restrictive space of UKGC as we are analysing in this non gamstop sites betting guide. Horse racing bookmakers abroad can be very interesting as they can offer exclusive horse racing bonuses that UK horse racing sportsbooks just can’t.

Self-exclusion bypassing 

Gamstop is a service designed to protect players that are gambling in risky ways. The entertainment and potential profits of rational sports betting, including horse racing bets, can be too much to take for some gamblers.

It’s important to review the patterns of one’s betting decisions to make sure that the bets placed are within the means of the gambler.

As they say out there, when the fun stops, stop, because problematic gambling is always fruit of irrational insistence on unjustified bets.

Professional Bettors and Math: Horse Racing

Professional bettors have math on their side, and their profits are the fruit of a lot of work, just like other forms of professional investments like stock exchanges or even sports betting on football, for example.

It is true that the betting promotions of bonuses of non Gamstop horse racing betting sites are more interesting, but to cross this line and avoid a self-exclusion list is something that needs to be considered carefully.

Sometimes players may have a weak moment, a drunk session of betting, or a third party like a relative may incentivise the self-exclusion listing.

Just like other 18+ activities such as consuming alcohol, the limits of how and when to bet must be defined by the bettor himself.

Horse Racing not on Gamstop

Self-exclusion lists are designed to incentivise a personal and discrete review of one’s betting patterns. Once there, it may be difficult to leave these self-exclusion lists, so it’s understandable why some players end up trying to find Non Gamstop horse racing betting sites.

Horse Racing Betting sites: other sports events

These days it may be hard to find horse racing sites that only take bets on horse races or virtual horse products.

Most operators have 3 basic tabs on their websites: sportsbook, casino, and horse racing. Occasionally, e-sports may be offered as a product too these days.

Slot games are among the most traditional betting products in the world, and can easily be found at most non Gamstop websites that sell horse racing odds. As you can see, there are numerous betting markets for UK punters at secondary racing events’ sites.

Virtual Horse Racing: sites not on Gamstop

A vertical that has been popularised during the pandemic is virtual horse racing, which is a form of automated betting based on a random screen showing horses, but they don’t represent the performance of a true animal in a true race. Virtual horse races are popular because they are available 24/7 at offshore betting sites as well as normal UK horse racing sites.

Summary about sites not on gamstop

UK horse racing is a popular form of sports betting. A gambling site is a fascinating universe full of popular racing events and a horse racing site is an entertainment for adults. Horse racing online betting outside the gamstop betting sites has advantages compared with UKGC sites that have odds for popular horse racing events.

However, it’s important to choose carefully where to gamble, whether within or outside the UKGC-regulated space. Horse racing events and betting can be addictive, and bypassing Self-exclusion systems like Gamstop is an act that can only be done with extreme caution to avoid bad consequences.

Non Gamstop horse racing allows a lot of freedom in terms of betting limits and bonuses.

Betting Sites, horse racing sportsbooks and betting options

There are numerous options to place bets these days, including horse racing sportsbooks, and a gamstop horse racing site certainly isn’t the best kind of product out there due to the limitations of UKGC products, although some players can benefit from the vigilant role of the government.

Non gamstop bookmakers have several different sections at their sites, and most bookies these days have online casinos, and the online casinos usually have a sportsbook.

We are living in an era of one-stop shops in the world of online betting sites and UK betting sites are no exception.