Hi, I’m Michael Volton and I have been part of the online gambling world since I hit puberty. First as a player and later as part of the gaming platforms. I have been following the fast changes in the iGaming world since the casinos went online, through the mobile apps, the live dealers and now the virtual gaming world.

Sadly, a big part of this world involves problem gambling with players who have a harder time controlling their money and habits. As someone who witnessed friends being cheated out of winnings and others spend too much time on the platforms, I have started writing honest reviews and guides to the online casinos I find trustworthy and worth spending time and money on. As the gambling industry grew, so did gambling addiction.

As more players were signing up to gambling blocking Softwares, more players were looking for ways to get around them. This led to many gambling sites providing games and the option to play after self-exclusion only to disappear once they had your money with no way of ever seeing that money again.

Once seeing the scam brand running wild and new one launching every day it was crucial that someone started reporting those brands and find others where players can play without fearing the loss of their earned money.

Gamstop, Gamban, and Gamcare are the leaders of the gambling ban platforms but there are many more. is intended in part to help UK players find safe gambling platforms to enjoy again. Inside you will find guides and reviews of all the casinos you can play at without having to fear the site will disappear once you deposit any funds.

I hope you will find the reviews worthwhile and helpful as a lot of time went into them.

As much as these guided are intended to help players gamble again, I also must add that the intent is not to promote any problem gambling. If you have or had any issues with problem gambling please leave this site and seek professional help.

If you have found a mistake in a certain review or if you have some extra insight you would like to share regarding a casino we have listed please find our contact us page below and let us know so we can further help fellow gamblers. 

Once again, I am Michael Volton and I am here to help UK players find safe options around gamstop and self-exclusion.

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