Buy-a-Bonus Slots in the UK: What Do You Need to Know?

If you’re playing at online casinos in the United Kingdom, and your chosen casino happens to be a site that is on GamStop and UKGC-licensed, then you’re missing out. There are ample restrictions that the UK Gambling Commission puts into place that actually deny UK bettors the chance to enjoy a few things. One of these things is the ability to play buy-a-bonus slots. 

I appreciate that not everybody is a fan of what some call “play to win” slot games. However, aren’t all slots “play to win”? After all, by purchasing features, you’re not guaranteed a win – you’re merely just increasing your odds, right? If you aren’t familiar with buy-a-bonus games, and if you’re based in the UK, that’s a possibility; what do you need to know? This week, I’m going to dive deep into the topic and explain everything.

What Are Buy-a-Bonus Slots?

Buy-a-Bonus-ExampleBuy-a-bonus games only started coming to the forefront about five years ago or so. Until then, there was no way to enhance your gaming experience in this way – at least, not as efficiently as this. 

In the past, you were able to continue re-spin rounds by “purchasing” additional spins at a cost. However, these mainly appeared in IGT and Games Global, then known as Microgaming, titles. You couldn’t do so without first triggering the bonus round in question the normal way. 

Today’s buy-a-bonus slots work quite differently. They actively allow you to pay extra to either enhance your game with wilds, free spin-triggering scatters, or direct access to the bonus rounds outright. Of course, we’ll stress again – doing so doesn’t guarantee a win but does increase your chances of success. However, the cost of buying bonuses outright is nothing short of crazy. Is it worth your while, though, and why are players at UKGC casinos missing out?

Can I Play Buy-a-Bonus Slots in the UK?

While many developers, from Pragmatic Play to BetSoft Gaming, have buy-a-bonus modes, they are usually blocked outright in the United Kingdom. This is because the UK Gambling Commission sees such things as promoting problem gambling. I wholeheartedly disagree and see their position as meddling or interference in gamblers’ natural choices. After all, a player who is going to shell out cash on gambling will do so anyway; buying a bonus outright is just a means to an end. 

Either way, it is UK players who lose out because no UKGC-licensed casinos are permitted to feature slots with buy-a-bonus mechanics. Sure, you can still play those games, but without that particular feature available.

Other Restrictions in Place

While I’m on the topic, it’s worth pointing out that buy-a-bonus modes aren’t the only features absent due to UKGC overparenting the industry. Bonuses and promos are heavily regulated, so they aren’t as big as you’ll find at offshore sites. Similarly, non-UKGC casinos accept credit cards as deposit options and those sites are free from GamStop.

How to Play Buy-a-Bonus Slots from the UK

If you’re interested in playing buy-a-bonus slot games, then, how can you do that? After all, all UKGC casinos don’t support this feature. Well, where there is a will, you know the rest. On this site, you’ll find a superb guide detailing how to get around GamStop. However, I’m happy to walk you through the basics here. 

If you want to play buy-a-bonus slots from the UK, simply choose an online casino that is focused on catering to UK players but isn’t actively licensed in the country and isn’t affiliated with GamStop. There are many reputable examples of globally popular, trusted casinos that fit these criteria, and you’ll find many of those on this website. Not only are they licensed and regulated elsewhere, but they also permit credit card deposits, offer epic bonuses, are free from GamStop, and, of course, support buy-a-bonus games.

How Do Buy-a-Bonus Slot Machines Work?

Now, assuming you are interested, how do buy-a-bonus slots actually work? As touched on, they can’t guarantee wins, and they do tend to cost quite a bit to activate their features. Ordinarily, each game will have a “buy bonus” button on its screen. Tap or click, that you’ll see what features you can purchase and the often-considerable fee that you’ll have to pay to do so. Amongst the features you can expect to see are: 

  •     Trigger a free spin bonus or bonus round directly by purchasing scatters
  •     Make it more likely that “an event” will occur during spins
  •     You may be able to increase the RTP rate in some selected features
  •     Increase the effects of wilds, multipliers or other features in the game
  •     Prolong bonus rounds by purchasing additional spins or re-spins

 Don’t misunderstand. Some of the prices associated with buying bonuses outright in slots are nothing short of outrageous. I’m not advocating that you flush your cash down the drain and pay thousands of pounds to activate a single free spin round. After all, there are good buy-a-bonus features and very bad ones. I’m simply saying that it should be your right to choose this feature if you want it, which is something the UKGC disagrees with.

The Final Word

As touched on, your best shot of finding buy-a-bonus slots if you’re based in the United Kingdom is to head to the selection of reputable no-GamStop online casinos listed on this website. Each has been vetted and confirmed as a trusted, licensed, and regulated operator. 

Another thing I’d advise you to do is to play the free demo version of top slots with buy-a-bonus mechanics first. This way, you can use fake cash to experience the features, see how they work, and get an idea of what they deliver in exchange for the prices listed in the game. Doing so should enable you to get a clear idea of what you’re in for before you splash your cash on buy-a-bonus online slots.

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