Casinos with Sports Betting: How Does It Work?

You aren’t necessarily going to be torn between choosing an online and a separate online sportsbook. While there are merits to doing so, there are also top online casinos out there that support both gambling options under one roof. These multi-purpose gambling sites, for lack of a better term, certainly offer convenience. 

While you shouldn’t expect the same extensive offering of markets and selections at a casino that offers sports betting options, there should still be plenty to tempt you into having a punt on sports while playing slots, table games and more. This week, I’m going to delve into my knowledge of such online casinos and explain how betting on sports at these sites works.

Multi-Purpose Gambling Sites May Offer Sports Betting

Some players prefer to open accounts at UK online casinos and internet betting sites not on GamStop. Personally, though, unless I fancy wagering on some obscure sports, I tend to find all I need in casinos with sports betting options. From major league sports to global competitions, most casinos have the markets and selections you want to play. 

Furthermore, while their selections are more limited than you’d get at a bona fide bookmaker, you will still get decent, competitive odds and, on occasion, even sports betting promos and bonuses to take advantage of. The important thing to remember is that betting on sports at casinos is instead designed to be an “either-or” scenario. Instead, casinos with sports betting facilities are merely offering you the option to wager on sports alongside casino games, not instead of them.

How Does Sports Betting Work at Online Casinos?

There are many independent UK casinos and sportsbooks to choose from. Suppose you sign up for one – how can you start betting on sports, and how does it work? Like so: 

  •     You join the casino in the same manner as normal.
  •     Depositing is also the same process. The site may allow you to use the same balance for casino and sports betting, or it may have separate balances. If so, you’ll need to decide whether your deposit is for sports or casino gaming.
  •     At sites where there are two balances, some will let you swap funds between the two wallets.
  •     There will usually be a sports tab for you to use to wager on your favourite matches.
  •     You can wager on a betting slip in the same way as a dedicated online sports betting site.
  •     Bonuses and promotions may be tied to either casino games or sports betting options. You can’t use the same bonus funds for both unless this is expressly specified.

Three Commonly Asked Sports Betting Questions

As you can see, sports betting at a casino isn’t much different from wagering on games. Despite its seeming simplicity, many players still have questions. I’ve looked at three of the most commonly asked sports betting questions at casinos and answered them myself for you. This should help you get a better understanding of how it all works.

What Can I Bet on at Casinos?

Online casinos with sports betting options will have a smaller market selection, but they will still cover all the major sports. You may not get the same extensive range of bets, but there will be plenty to bet on. Popular sports include football and the Premier League, American sports, F1, rugby, tennis, basketball, and even wrestling. If you’re really lucky, you may also come across horse racing options at a casino. However, these types of bets are usually reserved for proper GamStop-free horse racing sites, so don’t expect to see them included.

Do All Online Casinos Offer Sports Betting?

Sadly, most online casinos don’t offer sports betting. However, this website has identified quite a few top and trusted online casinos that offer you the chance to wager on sports. Any of these should tick your boxes. Of course, you’re also free to find your own casinos with sports betting features, but in that case, I’d recommend sticking to the main high street UK bookmakers as they have the best options outside of our own recommendations.

Is Virtual Sports Betting the Same Thing?

There are some online casinos that support virtual sports betting. This is not the same as betting on sports. For instance, virtual NFL betting is “a game” and one that involves staking money on a fixed-odds casino title. Winners are determined at random, using RNGs, and there is no skill involved. By contrast, real NFL betting takes place on proper matches, taking place live at specific times of the season. These allow you to use knowledge to bet. Casinos with virtual sports games aren’t the same as those offering actual sports betting.


Separate Balances Vs. A Combined Balance

A little earlier, we touched on how casinos with sports betting options can have separate balances. Now, I want to go into that in more detail. 

An online casino with sports betting options may ask you to keep your sports betting budget and casino budget separate. This is annoying and outdated. However, they do this because if you claim a casino (or sports bonus), it is easier for the site (and you) to gauge which funds go where. When depositing, you may be asked to stipulate where you want that money sent. I only recommend choosing a casino that allows you to move money from your sports betting balance to your casino balance or vice-versa. 

Fortunately, many newer casinos do away with this practice. Instead, they are more than comfortable utilising just a single balance. You can simply deposit at your casino as normal and then use one single wallet to wager on sports or casino games as you see fit. Just remember that when you bet on sports, your bets won’t be settled until the games are concluded, so it can take a bit of time for your balance to accurately reflect any wins you’ve landed.

Sports Promos and Bonuses Explained

Claiming bonuses at casinos with sports betting options can be confusing at first. You see, sportsbook bonuses work very differently from casino deals. To begin with, they have lower wagering requirements, and they often have a rule which says that you must wager the bonus on selections with odds of 1.50 or higher (this figure is, of course, variable). Sports promos may also consist of free bets when you deposit, money backs in draws, accumulators, odds boosts and other perks. 

These are far removed from the free spins, cashback, loyalty, VIP, and deposit bonuses you’re used to seeing at casinos. In most cases, sites will keep both of these types of bonuses completely separate. However, it isn’t impossible for the best sites to merge sports and casino offers into one welcome bonus. Because of the “anything goes” nature of bonuses at online casinos with sports betting services, I strongly encourage you to read all the T&Cs of any bonus before you claim it.