What Are Online Casino Sister Sites?

Online casinos aren’t always standalone sites. On the contrary, there can be many instances when an operator will run several casinos. These may have similarities (and often do) or could be entirely different in terms of the features they offer. Ultimately, this will vary. However, I’m here to walk you through the ins and outs of playing at sister casinos here. Let’s discuss why you might want to give that a go and what benefits could be in store for you today.

What Is a Sister Casino?

Online casinos typically come in two formats – there are standalone casino sites, and there are those sites which are sister casinos. Operators who only run one casino and pour all their resources into that site will consider their business a standalone casino. However, it is perfectly possible for operators to open several online casinos. These are known as sister casinos. They may be similar or wholly different, and we’ll look at some of those differences and similarities next.

Sister Casino

Similar Sister Sites

Firstly, let’s touch on sister casino sites which have similar features. In some cases, these sites will be virtual clones of one another, right down to the menu design, gaming library and bonuses offered. Even their customer support team may be the same. However, sometimes operators may choose to make each sister site different in one way or another. They will primarily do this to try to cater to a broader array of players.

What Exactly Will Be Different?

It is rare for sister casinos to feature different menus and support teams. However, there are two key areas where online casino sister sites may be different. The first of these is in the gaming library supported, while the second may be promos offered. For instance, in one casino, there may be a 100% match worth up to $500 available, while in the second, this could be extended to a 250% match worth up to $300. These are just examples. Others may include differences between regularly occurring offers – one may provide a VIP scheme, while the other may not. One may cater to high rollers, while a sister casino may not. 

You may also find differences related to the games supported at sister casinos. While operators tend to have deals with the same providers across all their sites, they may “reserve” games from some providers for specific sister sites. Alternatively, one of an operator’s casinos may feature a limited, smaller selection of top titles, while a sister site may offer the full monty. Again, this can vary depending on the operator and sister sites in question. 

It is also worth noting that some sister casinos feature different payment methods. One may accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, while the other may support conventional FIAT gameplay. Irrespective of whatever is different between sister casinos, they will largely offer the same high-quality service across most areas. 

Some Sister Sites Specialise In Crypto Bonuses
Some Sister Sites Specialise In Crypto Bonuses

Standalone Casinos but By the Same Operator

The second type of sister casinos you come across will be entirely different. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that they are run by the same operator, you’d swear that they were standalone casinos. These sites are designed for operators to capitalize on the many different tastes and playing styles among players. In some cases, operators may never mention that their “standalone” casino is, in fact, a sister casino. 

In these casinos, very little will be similar to other sites. They may have entirely different gaming libraries, a completely unique set of promos and bonuses complete with original wagering requirements and T&Cs. They may even support players in specific countries and not others, such as dedicated American online casinos or language-specific European sites, while some may focus on high-rollers with no-limit casino deposit options, low-rollers or dedicate their services to specialist games, such as poker, or bingo options. Again, while these sites may offer radically different services to their sister sites and appear as standalone sites, you can generally trust what they provide because you’ll already be familiar with their operator.

Why You Can Trust New Sister Casino Sites

New online casino sister sites debut all the time. If a new sister casino launches, this can be advantageous. Many players are skeptical about trusting new sites. However, if the new casino is run by the same operator as other casinos, then we’re generally more inclined to trust the site. If an operator already has a stellar reputation for producing top-rate casinos in the past, there is every chance that its newest sister site will go on to do well, too. This helps the new casino build trust, and it is something that can only happen if you already know the operator well through your previous experience playing at its sister sites.

Why Play at Sister Casinos Over Standalone Sites?

If you’re already settled where you are, why might you consider swapping to a sister site? Perhaps you are after a bigger bonus, albeit with relatively the same gaming library. Perhaps you like the operator but not the casino and are looking for something different. I’m sure you have your reasons. However, I’m going to give you five more great reasons for choosing sister casinos over standalone casino sites here. They include: 

  •     If you wish to play at a new site but want it to have similar features to your already existing casino, then checking out a sister casino could be worth your time.
  •     If a new online casino debuts from a reputable provider, you can already tell that it will be trustworthy based on the operator’s success with its sister sites.
  •     Some sister sites offer an extended gaming library, with even sports betting, online poker, and bingo games offered to members.
  •     You’re almost always going to get the same dedication to service that you already enjoy when playing at sister casinos.
  •     While it is forbidden to open two accounts at the same casino, opening new player accounts at sister casinos is strictly above board.
  •     Many of the biggest casino operators around run multiple sites, giving you ample options to choose from.

If you want a head start exploring some of the very best sister casinos available today, don’t hesitate to check the casino reviews on this page. I’m supremely confident that you’ll find the perfect site for your needs. Some of the recommended sites here offer similar services, and others are different from their counterparts – even offering sports betting options. Take your time and peruse the recommended sister casinos here to find your ideal site today.