Your Guide to Playing High-Roller Casino Games

Being a high-rolling online casino player isn’t for everybody – I certainly have no doubt about that, and I’m sure you do, too. However, if you do fancy making a jump to splashing a bit more cash on games, what do you need to know? 

For starters, you should know that just because you’re wagering on high-roller games, you’re not more (or less) likely to win. The amount you can walk away with increases, yes, but only because you’re staking more cash with each wager. There are some things which are unique for high-rolling players, though, and I’m going to take five minutes and explain those to you in this quick read guide. Here, then, is what you need to know about high-roller gambling on casino games online.

What Is a High Roller?

First, for the truly uninitiated, let’s discuss the most basic question – what is a high-rolling player? A high roller is a gambler who likes to wager regularly with large stacks. There is no specific value in mind, but it’s generally considered to be a figure more than most people would want to (or could afford) to risk. 

Why wager with big stakes? In many Las Vegas high-stakes casinos, there are often rich rewards, complimentary drinks and suites and other goodies available for VIP members and high rollers. In the online casino world, the availability of perks such as these isn’t so obvious. However, there are some to be had, and I’ll touch on those shortly. First, though, let’s explain how high-roller games work.

Types of High-Roller Games

High-roller casino games are often no different than conventional online casino games. The only notable difference is that the table limits are raised significantly. You’ll still find the same conventional rules in table games, and slots will still feature the same array of free spins, goodies, and bonuses. With that in mind, what can you play, and what can you expect to wager?

High Limits Table Games

High-limit online casino games come in two major formats – table games and slots. High-stakes table games can be found as both RNG (random number generator) and live dealer options. Moreover, they span all sorts of genres, stretching from blackjack to baccarat, online roulette casino games to table poker and more. The table limits will be significantly higher than those of conventional games, ensuring that only a few selected players can afford to have a go at the games. On average, stakes vary from $100 a hand up to $10,000 to $25,000 a hand. Moreover, you may come across dedicated tournaments for high rollers.

High Stakes Roulette

Big Money Slot Machines

You’re not likely to find yourself wagering $25,000 a spin on slot machines. The high-roller limit on slots is, then, significantly lower than in table games. Even so, a typical high-roller slot will generally set you back around $100 a spin, and some can feature stakes which rise as high as $1,000 a spin, sometimes more. There isn’t a typical range of slots which are high-roller games. Instead, most simply have broadened wagering ranges to accommodate big stakes.

VIP Perks to Consider

While you may miss out on some of the riches of playing at Las Vegas’ brick-and-mortar online casinos as a VIP player, there are still some benefits to be had when playing online. For instance, you can take advantage of specific bonuses dedicated to high rollers. These may be welcome offers or reload deals, and they can provide you with added funds to keep those stakes high while you play. 

Secondly, many casinos support loyalty clubs, and the uppermost tiers of these are known as VIP schemes. It is in these tiers where you can bag rich rewards, including higher deposit and withdrawal limits, access to exclusive tournaments and games, your own dedicated personal manager, access to bespoke bonuses and promos unique to you, and extensive loyalty goodies. While these are unquestionably some of the perks of being a high roller, you may have to maintain your loyalty status to keep receiving these goodies. This means regularly betting with sizable stakes throughout your time there. That can be a stretch, even for those players with lavish balances.

5 Things Potential High-Rollers Need to Know

Let me end by touching on a few things I’ve picked up in my many years of betting online. I’ve wagered with high stakes for portions of it, and I have found that I prefer to stick to moderate and low bets. However, I wouldn’t discourage you from having a punt at high-limit gameplay if you wish. Just bear in mind my five top tips before you choose to do so. They include: 

  •     Always check the maximum deposit limit. Some high-stakes sites are actually no-limit online casino sites, and these may not suit you, as you can easily be tempted to wager ridiculous sums from the start.
  •     Always check the maximum withdrawal limit. There’s no point in depositing immense sums of cash if you can’t withdraw whatever you win in one sitting.
  •     High rollers may be asked to provide proof of their income. Casinos want to protect against money laundering, so ensure that you’ve got any necessary documentation at hand.
  •     If you’re a VIP player of the casino’s loyalty club, bear in mind that you may need to regularly maintain your status or loyalty level to keep it. This may mean frequently depositing and wagering large sums of cash.
  •     Finally, it is worth noting that not all online casinos support high-stakes gameplay, have high-roller bonuses for members, or even accept large deposits. You’ll ideally want to find a high-stakes casino to join that specialises in these features, as most casinos don’t offer truly high-limit gameplay from the start.

Play High-Roller Games at Top Casinos Today

Hopefully, this blog has provided a bit of advice if you’re considering playing as a high roller at online casinos. The last thing I’d advise you to do if you’re thinking of becoming a big-spending casino player is to only choose reputable online casinos. These sites are licensed and certified for fair play, have all the responsible gambling tools you need to limit your bets and support RNG-certified games, which give you a fair shot of success. You should accept nothing less when you’re betting with high-roller stakes online.