The Gamstop Initiative and Its Alternatives

Launched in April 2018, the Gamstop initiative was another in the regulators drive to help reduce access for problem gamblers. The self-exclusion scheme is an optional choice still. It’s for those who felt it could help reduce their exposure to online gambling platforms. Our Gamstop Initiative Report released back in 2020 looks at the gambling […]

Can Online Casinos Easily Rebrand?

For most industries, rebranding can be a very involved process with changes needed to a number of documents and across a variety of different platforms too – but online casinos have the benefit of often being able to rebrand quite easily especially compared to brick and mortar locations and these rebrands can often come at […]

Advertising Restrictions to hit UK Operators

Online gambling platforms have seen a lot of change in the way betting and casino sites can be represented over the past few years as sports teams and large events have increasingly accepted sponsorships from these types of companies – it’s more common to see betting companies representing football teams in the UK for example […]

Live Casinos Continue to Thrive

Whilst the concept of live casinos has been around for about two decades, changes in technology and the ability to deliver games in a smooth and seamless fashion took some time to follow and it hasn’t been until the past few years where they’ve really been able to take off as a more familiar gaming […]

Megaways Slots; How Do They Work?

New game designs come regularly in the online casino space as a way to entice new players and excite seasoned players who’ve already experienced much of what the genre has to offer – the Australian software developer, Big Time Gaming, looked to introduce something new to the slots market with their variety of options aptly […]

March Madness Expected to Break Records

The end of March is quickly approaching as early spring is an exciting time for sports fans all over, but it’s a particularly fascinating time of the year in the US as March Madness gets underway – it’s the period of time throughout the month of March where the NCAA basketball tournament of 68 teams […]

Are PA Gaming Losses Impactful?

With major changes being seen in the US gambling and sports betting market, it was almost inevitable that there would be some news emerging around potential losses and shortcomings in some markets – it seems Pennsylvania is  one of the first of these markets to do this as the market sees year-on-year growth, but declines […]

Are Anonymous Casinos Growing in Popularity?

Whilst the process of registering to an online casino today is extremely straight forward, there’s often still the requirement to provide a large amount of information to complete the process as identification and private information is required – for some players, this does raise some cause for concern as handing over personal and private details […]

The Importance of iGaming Ad Diversity

The online gaming market is going through rapid change – where once gaming was primarily frequented by younger teen males the demographic has been changing to accommodate an older audience too with online casinos leading the way for those with disposable income too. Because of this, it’s now more important than ever for iGaming advertisers […]

Old Game, Big Win

There are many games that have emerged in the online casino space over the past decade, and plenty that have captured players attentions for one reason or another whether this be the game known for paying out big, or not, or the game having certain features or mechanics that make it stand out as a […]

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